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Robert Ivancic (Fed)


Mechanics of macromolecules

When polymer materials are stretched, they bend, deform, and ultimately break. How do we understand this process and control it to yield better materials? This project explores how glassy structure, crystallinity, and entanglements affect polymer mechanics. Employing computational, theoretical, and data-science-driven techniques, we develop next-generation plastics and compatibilizers. This work is in conjunction with the Polymer Analytics and Circular Economy projects at NIST.

Dilute solution polymer properties

While branched polymers have many technological applications, the structural characterization of these polymers poses experimental challenges. Using in silico methods can solve these issues by allowing precise structural control and rapid fabrication of new materials. We generate relationships between polymer architecture and dilute solution properties such as the intrinsic viscosity, radius of gyration, and hydrodynamic radius. Working closely with experiments, we hope to use these relationships to improve recycling techniques. This work is part of the Macromolecular Architectures and Circular Economy projects at NIST

Non-nist publications

A list of a selection of non-NIST publications is provided below. A complete list is available on my Google Scholar. * co-first authorship. 

  • Robert J. S. Ivancic and Robert A. Riggleman. "Dynamic phase transitions in freestanding polymer thin films." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117.41 (2020): 25407-25413.
  • Robert J. S. Ivancic and Robert A. Riggleman.  "Identifying structural signatures of shear banding in model polymer nanopillars." Soft matter 15.22 (2019): 4548-4561.
  • Cubuk, Ekin D.*, Robert J. S. Ivancic*, Sam S. Schoenholz*, Daniel J. Strickland* et al. "Structure-property relationships from universal signatures of plasticity in disordered solids." Science 358.6366 (2017): 1033-1037.




Created August 5, 2020, Updated September 21, 2021