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Functional Nanostructured Materials Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Albert Davydov Group Leader albert.davydov [at] Fed
Sherry Redden Group Secretary sherry.redden [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Frank Abel frank.abel [at] Fed
Jayasimha Atulasimha jayasimha.atulasimha [at] Assoc
Rebecca Bone rebecca.bone [at] Assoc
Gelu Comanescu jerry.comanescu [at] Fed
Brianna Bosch Correa briannabosch.dossantoscorrea [at] Assoc
Eduardo Correa eduardo.delimacorrea [at] Assoc
Scott Coste scott.coste [at] Assoc
Albert Davydov albert.davydov [at] Fed
Cindi L. Dennis cindi.dennis [at] Fed
Anit Giri anit.giri [at] Assoc
Daniel Gopman daniel.gopman [at] Fed
Daniel Josell daniel.josell [at] Fed
Shweta Joshi shweta.joshi [at] IntlAssoc
Hyunki Kim [at] IntlAssoc
Sergiy Krylyuk sergiy.krylyuk [at] Fed
Mona Mirzaei mona.mirzaei [at] Assoc
Walid Al Misba walidal.misba [at] IntlAssoc
Thomas P. Moffat thomas.moffat [at] Fed
David Raciti david.raciti [at] Fed
Eric Rus eric.rus [at] Fed
Kathleen Schwarz [at] Fed
Renu Sharma renu.sharma [at] Assoc
Jenae Shoup jenae.shoup [at] Fed
Robert D. Shull robert.shull [at] Assoc
Gery R. Stafford gery.stafford [at] Assoc
Ichiro Takeuchi Assoc
Vincent Tsai Assoc
Canhui Wang Assoc
Sebastian Wood sebastian.wood [at] IntlAssoc
Michael Woodcox michael.woodcox [at] Fed
Wei-Chang D. Yang david.yang [at] Fed
Hao Zhang hao.n.zhang [at] Assoc
Huairuo Zhang huairuo.zhang [at] Assoc