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Materials Science and Engineering Division

We provide the measurement science, standards, technology, and data required to support the Nation’s need to design, develop, manufacture, and use materials. We foster innovation and confidence in measurements needed to advance technology and facilitate manufacturing in industrial sectors such as energy, electronics, transportation and the environment.

Many important technological advancements have resulted from the discovery and development of materials with new properties or functions. For example, advances in silicon technology have made it possible for most of us to rely on and enjoy ultraportable computers as we go through our day. In partnership with members of industry, other government agencies, and academia, we develop the measurement science, standards, technology, and data required to support the nation's need to design, develop, manufacture, and use materials. Our goal is to advance materials technology and manufacturing processes, enabling those engaged in the materials science and engineering enterprise to create innovative, successful products that solve problems in areas such as electronics, transportation, civil infrastructure, biopharmaceuticals, energy and the environment – and ultimately contribute to a better quality of life for Americans. 

News and Updates

Industrial Impacts

Lightweight Materials for Automobiles

Automotive companies are increasingly using lightweight materials to improve vehicle fuel economy. However, incorporating those materials into new vehicles is

Helmet Materials for Head Health

Athletes, warfighters and even children riding their bikes all can benefit from better protective gear to prevent head injuries. The Head Health Challenge

Projects and Programs

Automotive Lightweighting

Our objective is to develop the measurement methodology, standards and analysis necessary for the US auto industry and base metal suppliers to transition from a

Electrochemical Processes

In this project we are developing in situ measurements relevant to the electrochemical fabrication, processing, and application of nanostructured materials and

Particles, Tubes, and Colloids

The goal of the Particles, Tubes and Colloids (PTC) project is to develop measurement methods and technologies to enable and improve commerce of dispersed

Polymer Membranes

Membranes and membrane technology are key to the nation’s water and energy security. Polymer-based membranes already play a significant role in fields such as

Resonant Soft X-ray Scattering (RSoXS)

Resonant soft X-ray scattering (RSoXS) is an emerging characterization technique that derives contrast from features in soft X-ray spectroscopy. RSoXS is a


Open Calphad

OpenCalphad is an informal international collaboration of scientists and researchers interested in the development of high quality software and databases for


An electron hologram is a fringe modulated image containing the amplitude and phase information of an electron transparent object. The HolograFREE routines


Vivek M. Prabhu Named APS Fellow

For fundamental insight into the chain conformation, structure, phase separation, and interfaces of polyelectrolytes enabled by light and

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