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Polymers and Complex Fluids Group

The Polymers and Complex Fluids Group develops measurement methods, models, data, standards, and science for soft materials, such as multi-phase fluids, gels, and composites, and their constituent components, such as polymeric molecules, nanoparticles, colloids, and fibers. The Group provides expertise in macromolecular measurements, advanced separation methods, processing, rheology, and composite structure needed to define processing, structure

Projects and Programs

Macromolecular Architectures

There is always a degree of uncertainty surrounding measurements of polymeric materials, especially complex mixtures with varying distributions in chemistry

Polyelectrolyte Solutions and Gels

We engage with leaders in the pharmaceutical, dental, and personal care research sectors that rely on water soluble polymers (polyelectrolytes) to develop new

Fluid Suspensions and Emulsions

The purpose of this project is to create rheological measurement methods and tools, focused on using minimal fluid volumes, to measure local flow dynamics and

Particles, Tubes, and Colloids

The goal of the Particles, Tubes and Colloids (PTC) project is to develop measurement methods and technologies to enable and improve commerce of dispersed

Polymer Analytics

The Polymer Analytics project was established with the goal of accelerating the discovery of new polymer physics through the development of datasets, methods



Vivek M. Prabhu Named APS Fellow

For fundamental insight into the chain conformation, structure, phase separation, and interfaces of polyelectrolytes enabled by light and


Group Leader