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Polymers and Complex Fluids Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Vivek Prabhu Group Leader vivek.prabhu [at] Fed
Mary Grace Trabold Group Secretary marygrace.trabold [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Debra Audus debra.audus [at] Fed
Aaron Burkey aaron.burkey [at] Fed
Samantha Chinn samantha.chinn [at] Assoc
Jennifer Clark jennifer.clark [at] Fed
Chris Cooper christopher.cooper [at] Fed
Michael Cromer michael.e.cromer [at] Assoc
Jeffrey Fagan jeffrey.fagan [at] Fed
Charles C. Han charles.han [at] Assoc
Raman Hlushko raman.hlushko [at] Assoc
Steven D. Hudson steven.hudson [at] Fed
Nathaniel Hurley nathaniel.hurley [at] Assoc
Robert Ivancic robert.ivancic [at] Fed
Xiaojia Jin IntlAssoc
Shuaijun Li [at] IntlAssoc
Sara Orski sara.orski [at] Fed
Phillip Pickett phillip.pickett [at] Assoc
Vivek Prabhu vivek.prabhu [at] Fed
Paul Salipante paul.salipante [at] Fed
Jiale Shi jiale.shi [at] IntlAssoc
Christopher Sims christopher.sims [at] Fed
Halen Solomon halen.solomon [at] Assoc
Jeremy Wang [at] Fed
Ming Zheng ming.zheng [at] Fed