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Shuaijun Li (IntlAssoc)

Postdoctoral Associate

Current Research Interests:

  • Near infrared spectroscopy enhanced polyolefin classification
  • Develop machine learning algorithms to correlate multimodal measurements 
  • Large datasets analysis, reduction and modeling 


Selected Publications:

S. Li, H. Yu, T.-D. Li, Z. Chen, W. Deng, A. Anbari, and J. Fan. Understanding transport of an elastic, spherical particle through a confining channel, Applied Physics Letters 116, 103705, 2021.

S. Li, H. Yu, and J. Fan. Modeling Transport of soft particles in porous media, Physical Review E 104, 025112, 2020.

J. Fan, S. Li, Z. Wu, and Z. Chen. Diffusion and mixing in microfluidic devices, in Microfluidics for Pharmaceutical Applications: From Nano/Micro Systems Fabrication to Controlled Drug Delivery, Elsevier, 2019.


Created August 2, 2023, Updated September 12, 2023