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Sara Orski

Research Chemist


Polymer chemist with strong background in polymer synthesis and characterization and surface chemistry.  Direct experience with post-polymerization modification and surface adsorption monitoring.  Always interested in collaborative projects involving communication with scientists and other professionals across disciplines.

Research Interests:

  • surface modification and characterization
  • polymer synthesis methods
  • size-exclusion chromatography (ambient and high temperature)
  • polyolefin standard reference material testing and development





Validation of ATR FT-IR to identify polymers of plastic marine debris, including those ingested by marine organisms

Melissa R. Jung, F. D. Horgen, Sara V. Orski, Viviana Rodriguez Cardenas, Kathryn L. Beers, George H. Balazs, T. T. Jones, Thierry M. Work, Kayla C. Brignac, Sarah-Jeanne Royer, K. D. Hyrenbach, Brenda A. Jensen, Jennifer M. Lynch
Polymer identification of plastic marine debris can help identify its sources, degradation, and fate. We optimized and validated a fast, simple, and accessible
Created October 23, 2018