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CHiMaD Phase Field Website Repository

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In January 2015 a group of phase field theorists and code developers met at the headquarters of the Center for Hierarchical Materials Design at Northwestern University, to discuss ways for the community to improve code collaboration efforts. Everyone agreed that the community needs to become more open and work in a more collaborative manner.

This group has grown, meeting approximately twice a year, focusing on the key issues that should be demanded by the user community to assess which phase field codes are likely to best meet their needs.  A key factor to improving community code collaboration is to develop resources to compare and contrast phase field codes and libraries. This site aims to provide some of these resources and become a useful web service for phase field practitioners.  Additionally, the infrastructure that supports this can be generalized for other software efforts.


Please see the community website,

Benchmark Problems and Results.

Created October 24, 2017, Updated February 20, 2019