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Functional Polymers Group

The Functional Polymers Group develops measurement methods, data, standards, and science for the functional properties (e.g., electronic, ion transport) of polymeric materials within functional devices and applications in forms that include thin films, interfaces, nanostructures, and membranes. We provide expertise in polymer phase behavior, molecular order formation, thin film mechanics, adhesion, in-situ processing measurements, nanofabrication

Projects and Programs

Polymer Membranes

Membranes and membrane technology are key to the nation’s water and energy security. Polymer-based membranes already play a significant role in fields such as

Polymer Mechanics

Polymers play a central role in high rate impact mitigation applications ranging from helmets, to body armor, to aircraft and spacecraft protective coatings. A

Polymer Composites

The objective of this project is the develop of tools to measure the fundamental structure-processing and structure -property relations associated with