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Functional Polymers Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Christopher Soles Group Leader christopher.soles [at] Fed
Sherry Redden Group Secretary (Acting) sherry.redden [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Dustin Baird dustin.baird [at] Assoc
Avery Baumann avery.baumann [at] Fed
Serena Birnbaum serena.birnbaum [at] Assoc
Robert Briber Assoc
Robert Bryant robert.bryant [at] Assoc
Polette Centellas polette.centellas [at] Fed
Edwin P. Chan edwin.chan [at] Fed
Whirang Cho whirang.cho [at] Assoc
Samarpan Deb Majumder samarpan.debmajumder [at] IntlAssoc
Katherine Evans katherine.evans [at] Fed
Douglas M. Fox [at] Assoc
Gale A. Holmes gale.holmes [at] Fed
Lilian Johnson lilian.johnson [at] Fed
Alamgir Karim Assoc
Andrew Korovich andrew.korovich [at] Fed
Rebecca Lee rebecca.lee [at] Fed
Ryan Nieuwendaal ryan.nieuwendaal [at] Fed
Jan Obrzut jan.obrzut [at] Fed
Vladimir Oleshko vladimir.oleshko [at] Assoc
Ibukunoluwapo Oluwaboro ibukunoluwapo.oluwaboro [at] Assoc
Frederick R. Phelan Jr. frederick.phelan [at] Fed
Marcos Reyes-Martinez marcos.reyes-martinez [at] Fed
Kshitij Sharma IntlAssoc
Christopher Soles christopher.soles [at] Fed
Christopher Stafford chris.stafford [at] Fed
Patrick Syme patrick.syme [at] Assoc
Jeremiah Woodcock jeremiah.woodcock [at] Fed
Christian Yoon christian.yoon [at] Assoc