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Jan Obrzut (Fed)

Materials Research Engineer

Research Interests:
Broadband and RF/Microwave Measurement and Dielectric Characterization Techniques, Metrology and characterization of Graphene and 2D semiconductors. Polymer composites, Nanocellulose.

Professional Affiliations:

  • Materials Research Society
  • IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society


Professional Activities:

  • IEC TC 113 Nanotechnology for Electrotechnical Products and Systems.
    US Delegate to IEC,  Technical expert, Project leader
  • ISO TC 229 Nanotechnologies, Member
  • IPC TC D60 Printed/Flexible Electronics, Observer
  • Chair, IPC D-54 Test Method Subcommittee for Embedded Electronic Materials & Devices, Association Connecting Electronic Industries (IPC).
  • Co-Chair, National Roadmap for Organic and Printed Electronics, International Electronic Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI ).


  • IEC-TS 62607-6-4,  Graphene - Surface conductance measurement using resonant cavity (2016).

  • IPC TM 650, Method "Dielectric withstanding voltage, HiPot Method - Thin dielecetric layers for printed circuit boards , PCBs, (2009). 

  • IPC-2316, Design guide for embedded passive device printed boards (2007)

  • IPC-4821, Specification for embedded passive device capacitive materials (2006).

  • IPC TM650, Method, High frequency testing to determine permittivity and loss tangent of embedded passive dielectric materials (2005).

  •  IPC-6018A, Microwave end product board inspection and test (2002).

Selected Publications

"Dielectric Characterization of Confined Water in Chiral Cellulose Nanocrystal Films", Bharath Natarajan, Caglar Dogu Emiroglu, Jan Obrzut, Douglas M. Fox, Beatriz A. Pazmino, Jack F. Douglas, Jeffrey W. Gilman, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, (2017) 9,14222-14231.

"Surface conductance of graphene from non-contact resonant cavity", Jan Obrzut, Caglar Emiroglu, Oleg Kirillov, Yanfei Yang , Randolph E. Elmquist, Measurement, (2016) 87, 146-151.

"Surface conductance and microwave scattering in semicontinuous gold films", J. Obrzut, ACTA IMEKO (2015) 4(3) 42-46.

“Dielectric Characterization by Microwave Cavity Perturbation Corrected for Nonuniform Fields”, Nathan D. Orloff, Jan Obrzut, Christian J. Long, Thomas Lam, Pavel Kabos, David R. Novotny, James C. Booth, and J. Alexander Liddle, IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory, Tech., (2014) 62, 2149-2158.

“Resonant Microwave Absorption in Thermally Deposited Au Nanoparticle Films Near Percolation Coverage”. Jan Obrzut, Jack F. Douglas, Oleg Kirillov, Fred Sharifi, and J. Alexander Liddle, Langmuir (2013) 29, 9010-9015.

“Graphene: A New Horizon for Modern Technology”, Jan Obrzut, MEMA Electroindustry, ppage 4, September 2011.

“Structural Stability of Transparent Conducting Films Assembled from Length Purified Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes”, Harris JM, Iyer GRS, Simien DO, Fagan JA, Huh JY, Chung JY, Hudson SD, Obrzut J, Douglas JF, Stafford CM, Hobbie EK. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, (2011) 115, 3973-3981.

Relaxation and antiplasticization measurements in trehalose-glycerol mixtures - A model formulation for protein preservation, Obrzut, J; Anopchenko, A; Douglas, JF, et al., J. Non. Cryst. Solids, (2010) 356, 777-781.

Electrical conductivity and relaxation in poly(3-hexylthiophene), Obrzut, J; Page, KA, Phys. Rev. B (2009) 80, 195211.

“Influence of nanotube length on the optical and conductivity properties of thin single-wall carbon nanotube networks”, Simien D, Fagan JA, Luo W, Douglas JF, Migler K, Obrzut J, ACS NANO, (2008) 2, 1879-1884.

Shear-induced conductor-insulator transition in melt-mixed polypropylene-carbon nanotube dispersions, Obrzut, J; Douglas, JF; Kharchenko, SB, et al. Phys. Rev. B (2007) 76, 195420.




  • 2016 IEC 1906 Award, In recognition of essential contribution to support graphene standardization.
  • 2015 NIST Bronze Medal for Excellence in Federal Service.

  • 2007 IPC Distinguished Committee Service Award in recognition for contribution to the IPC Standard 6017 "Qualification and Performance Specification for Embedded Passive Printed Boards" (02/07).
  • 2006 NIST Bronze Medal for Excellence in Federal Service.
  • 2006 IPC Distinguished Committee Service Award in recognition for contribution to the IPC Standard 4821 "Specification for Embedded Passive Capacitance Materials" (11/06).


Microwave characterization of graphene inks

Jan Obrzut, Ana C. M. Moraes
Systematic charge transport characterization of solution-processed graphene inks using ethyl cellulose polymer as a binder/stabilizer, showed graphene patterns

Patents (2018-Present)

Analyte Probe And Determining Water Vapor Transmission Rate

NIST Inventors
Randolph Elmquist and Jan Obrzut
An analyte probe determines water vapor transmission rate of a test coating and includes: a graphene analysis layer disposed the substrate and including an analytical interface for receiving a test coating and an n-dopant, such that: the substrate and graphene analysis layer are arranged in analyte
A photo of the noncntact dielectric and conductivity meter for high-throughput processing and a circuit diagram of the circuit used to track the resonant frequency and quality factor of the microwave resonator.

Noncontact Resonameter, Process for making and use of same

NIST Inventors
Jan Obrzut , Nate Orloff and Chris Long
A noncontact resonameter includes: a resonator to: produce an excitation signal including a field; subject a sample to the excitation signal; produce a first resonator signal in a presence of the sample and the excitation signal, the first resonator signal including: a first quality factor of the
Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022