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Polymers Processing Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Dean DeLongchamp Group Leader dean.delongchamp [at] Fed
Andrea Salazar Group Secretary (Acting) andrea.salazar [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Camille Bishop camille.bishop [at] Fed
Austin Colon austin.colon [at] Assoc
Celeste Copay celeste.copay [at] Assoc
McKenzie Coughlin mckenzie.coughlin [at] Fed
Ulyana Cubeta ulyana.cubeta [at] Fed
Damara Dayton damara.dayton [at] Assoc
Dean DeLongchamp dean.delongchamp [at] Fed
Benjamin Dolata benjamin.dolata [at] Fed
Peter Dudenas peter.dudenas [at] Fed
Martin Etemadi martin.etemadi [at] Assoc
Lucas Flagg lucas.flagg [at] Fed
Leanne Friedrich leanne.friedrich [at] Fed
Derek Huang derek.huang [at] Fed
Priyanka Ketkar priyanka.ketkar [at] Fed
R Joseph Kline r.kline [at] Fed
Anthony Kotula anthony.kotula [at] Fed
Tyler Martin tyler.martin [at] Fed
Kalman Migler kalman.migler [at] Fed
Tomohiro Miyata tomohiro.miyata [at] IntlAssoc
Mauro Mugnai mauro.mugnai [at] Assoc
Subhrangsu Mukherjee subhrangsu.mukherjee [at] IntlAssoc
Julia Murphy julia.murphy [at] Fed
Bijal Patel bijal.patel [at] Fed
Lee J. Richter lee.richter [at] Fed
Paul Roberts paul.roberts [at] Fed
Stian Romberg stian.romberg [at] Fed
Jonathan Seppala jonathan.seppala [at] Fed
Chad R. Snyder chad.snyder [at] Fed
Daniel Sunday daniel.sunday [at] Fed
Duncan Sutherland duncan.sutherland [at] Assoc
Bradley Sutliff bradley.sutliff [at] Fed
Alexander Watson-Jones alexander.watson-jones [at] Assoc