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Daniel Sunday

Research Interests

  • Development of x-ray techniques for periodic nanostructures
  • Soft x-ray scattering for the characterization of self-assembled materials
  • Block-copolymer lithography
  • Soft x-ray reflectivity for characterizing complex thin films
  • Nanoparticle self-assembly


Directed Self-Assembly

Awards and Honors

NRC Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2011

Selected Publications

Sunday, D. F.; Hammond, M. R.; Wang, C.; Wu, W.; Delongchamp, D. M.; Tjio, M.; Cheng, J. Y.; Pitera, J. W.; Kline, R. J. "Determination of the Internal Morphology of Nanostructures Patterned by Directed Self Assembly" ACS Nano 2014, 8(8), 8426-8437.

Sunday, D. F.; Hammond, M. R.; Wang, C.; Wu, W.; Stein, G.E.; Kline, R. J. "Three-dimensional x-ray metrology for block copolymer lithography line-space patterns" JM3 2013, 12(3), 031103.

Sunday, D. F.; Ilavsky, J.; Green, D.L.; "A Phase Diagram for Polymer Grafted Nanoparticles in Polymer Matrices" Macromolecules 2012, 45(9), 4007-4011.


X-Ray Metrology of Nanowire/ Nanosheet FETs for Advanced Technology Nodes

Madhulika S. Korde, Regis J. Kline, Daniel F. Sunday, Nick Keller, Subhadeep Kal, Cheryl Alix, Aelen Mosden, Alain C. Diebold
The three-dimensional architectures for field effect transistors (FETs) with vertical stacking of Gate-all-Around Nanowires provide a pathway to increased

X-ray Metrology for the Semiconductor Industry Tutorial

Daniel F. Sunday, Wen-Li Wu, Scott Barton, Regis J. Kline
The semiconductor industry is in need of new, in-line dimensional metrology methods with higher spatial resolution for characterizing their next generation
Created October 9, 2019, Updated November 14, 2019