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Anthony Kotula (Fed)

Chemical Engineer

Dr. Anthony Kotula is a staff scientist and current project leader of the Polymer Additive Manufacturing and Rheology project. His primary research focus is on solidifcation processes in soft matter. To study these processes he develops techniques to simultaneously measure structural, chemical, and rheological properties of materials - one example is the rheo-Raman microscope. He also leverages techniques including Raman spectroscopy, polarized optical microscopy, and small-angle light scattering to study flow-induced crystallization phenomena that occur when semicrystalline polymers are used in additive manufacturing.

Opportunities for post-doctoral research fellowships are available twice a year through the NRC Research Associate Program with submission deadlines at beginning of February and August. Please anthony.kotula [at] (contact me) if interested.


Book front cover, Polymer-Based Additive Manufacturing: Recent Developments, with yellow 3D printed object

Polymer-Based Additive Manufacturing: Recent Developments was inspired by the 2017 ACS Symposium “Additive Manufacturing of Structures and Functional Devices: Materials, Methods, Models, and Testing” and is supplemented by additional experts in the polymer AM field. The chapters discuss the technologies, measurement challenges, manufacturing opportunities, and fabrication potentials. We begin with an introduction to polymer additive manufacturing, identifying the measurement needs and technical challenges facing the industry. A chapter reviewing polymer powder bed fusion follows, providing a complete discussion on methods, materials, and applications. The bulk of the book covers thermoplastic material extrusion, with chapters discussing recycling-based feedstocks, composites materials, and multi-physics modeling linking experimentation and theory. Moving from thermoplastics to conductive inks, a chapter on in situ monitoring and control of direct-ink-write provides a clear example of how theory and modern machine vision can be used to create a practical and responsive control system. The last chapter provides a state-of-the-art review of multi-photon printing, discussing methods, materials, and the stunning capabilities of the technique.

Selected Publications


Mechanical Regulation of Oral Epithelial Barrier Function

Eun Jin Lee, Yoontae Kim, Paul Salipante, Anthony Kotula, Dana Graves, Stella Alimperti
Epithelial cell function is modulated by mechanical forces imparted by the extracellular environment. The transmission of forces onto the cytoskeleton by
Created October 9, 2019, Updated February 6, 2024