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Anthony Kotula

Chemical Engineer

Current Research Interests

  • Quiescent and flow-induced crystallization of polymers, including polyolefins and polymers for additive manufacturing.
  • Raman scattering techniques for determining polymer structure. Polymer microscopy and rheology.

Previous Research Interests

  • Dilatational rheology of fluid interfaces
  • Microfluidics
  • Pickering emulsions

Selected Non-NIST Publications

  1. Kotula, A.P. & Anna, S.L. Probing time scales for colloidal particle adsorption using slug bubbles in rectangular microchannels. Soft Matter, 8(41), 10759 – 10772 (2012).
  2. Kotula, A.P. & Anna, S.L. Regular perturbation analysis of small amplitude oscillatory dilatation of an interface in a capillary pressure tensiometer. Journal of Rheology, 59(1), 85 - 117 (2015).
  3. Kotula, A. P. & Anna, S.L. Insoluble layer deposition and dilatational rheology at a microscale spherical cap interface. Soft Matter, 12(33), 7038-7055 (2016).


Polymer Additive Manufacturing: Confronting Complexity

Anthony P. Kotula, Jonathan E. Seppala, Chad R. Snyder
Since its development and commercialization in the 1980s, polymer additive manufacturing (AM) has become a disruptive technology. In this chapter we describe


Jonathan E. Seppala, Anthony P. Kotula, Chad R. Snyder
Created October 9, 2019