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Jack F. Douglas

Research interests:
include transport properties, polymer blends and solutions, phase separation, renormalization group theory, fractional calculus, polymer films, supercooled liquids and glasses, and entanglement in polymer fluids.

Honors and Awards:

  • Fellow of American Physical Society (1997)
  • NRC/NIST Postdoctoral Fellowship (1988-1989)
  • NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship/Department of Physics, Cambridge University (1987)
  • IBM Graduate School Fellowship (1985-1986)
  • American Physical Society-Outstanding Senior Award
  • Virginia Commonwealth University (1980) Phi Kappa Phi/ Sigma Xi


Hidden Hyperuniformity in Bottlebrush Polymer Melts

Alexandros Chremos, Jack F. Douglas
We show that the backbone chains of bottlebrush polymer melts exhibit a hidden hyperuniform packing over a wide temperature range above glass transition

Complex coacervation in polyelectrolytes from a coarse-grained model

Vivek M. Prabhu, Marat Andreev, Jian Qin, Matthew Tirrell, Juan J. de Pablo, Jack F. Douglas
Polyelectrolyte coacervation refers to the formation of distinct liquid phases that arise when polyelectrolytes of opposite charge are mixed under appropriate
Created March 29, 2019