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Yuri Mishin (Fed)


Coupling Grain Boundary Motion to Shear Deformation

Yuri Mishin, A Suzuki, John W. Cahn
Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations confirm that normal grain boundary (GB) motion must often be coupled to tangential translation of grains and will then

Vacancy Dissociation in BCC Screw Dislocation Cores

Lucas M. Hale, Yuri Mishin, Chandler A. Becker
The interaction between screw dislocations and vacancies in body-centered cubic metals is investigated using molecular dynamics simulations. For thirteen

Sharp interface model of creep deformation in crystalline solids

Yuri Mishin, Geoffrey B. McFadden, Robert F. Sekerka, William J. Boettinger
We present a rigorous irreversible thermodynamics treatment of creep deformation of solid mate- rials with interfaces described as geometric surfaces capable of
Created September 27, 2019, Updated June 30, 2022