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Biomolecular Measurement Division Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Michael J. Tarlov Division Chief michael.tarlov [at] Fed
Cassie Goodman Division Safety Representative cassie.goodman [at] Fed
Audrey Loy Division Secretary (Acting) audrey.loy [at] Fed

Applied Genetics Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Peter Vallone Group Leader peter.vallone [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Sanne Aalbers sanne.aalbers [at] IntlAssoc
Daniel Bass Ctr
Jennifer Blair jennifer.blair [at] Fed
Lisa Borsuk lisa.borsuk [at] Fed
Megan Cleveland megan.cleveland [at] Fed
Katherine Gettings katherine.gettings [at] Fed
Kevin Kiesler kevin.kiesler [at] Fed
Lauren Mullen lauren.mullen [at] Assoc
Sarah Riman sarah.riman [at] Assoc
Erica Romsos erica.romsos [at] Fed
Ashwatha Suresh Fed
Peter Vallone peter.vallone [at] Fed

Bioanalytical Science Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Karen W. Phinney Group Leader karen.phinney [at] Fed
Audrey Loy Group Office Manager audrey.loy [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Abigail Antonishek abigail.antonishek [at] Assoc
David M. Bunk david.bunk [at] Fed
Ashley Beasley Green ashley.beasley [at] Fed
Lisa E. Kilpatrick lisa.kilpatrick [at] Fed
Mark Lowenthal mark.lowenthal [at] Fed
Trina Mouchahoir trina.mouchahoir [at] Fed
Karen W. Phinney karen.phinney [at] Fed
John E. Schiel john.schiel [at] Fed
Illarion Turko illarion.turko [at] Fed

Biomolecular Measurement Division - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Jill Carbaugh jill.carbaugh [at] Fed
M. Miral Dizdar miral.dizdar [at] Fed
Pawel Jaruga pawel.jaruga [at] Fed
Audrey Loy audrey.loy [at] Fed
Mar Maley mar.maley [at] Fed
Michael J. Tarlov michael.tarlov [at] Fed
Rebecca A. Zangmeister rebecca.zangmeister [at] Fed

Biomolecular Structure and Function Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
John Marino Group Leader john.marino [at] Fed
Seung Cho Group Secretary seung.cho [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Robert Allsopp robert.allsopp [at] Fed
Christina Bergonzo christina.bergonzo [at] Fed
Robert Brinson robert.brinson [at] Fed
Violeta Burns Casamayor violeta.burnscasamayor [at] Assoc
Nicholas Callahan Assoc
Seung Cho seung.cho [at] Fed
Thomas Cleveland thomas.cleveland [at] Fed
Frank Delaglio frank.delaglio [at] Fed
Rebeca Diaz Ventura rebeca.diazventura [at] Assoc
Darwin Diaz Ctr
David Travis Gallagher travis.gallagher [at] Fed
Alexander Grishaev alexander.grishaev [at] Fed
Syed Hasan Assoc
Jaekyun Jeon Assoc
Zvi Kelman zvi.kelman [at] Fed
John Marino john.marino [at] Fed
Curtis W. Meuse curtis.meuse [at] Fed
Ella Mihailescu ella.mihailescu [at] Assoc
Subrata Mishra subrata.mishra [at] Fed
Brian Pierce Assoc
Maya Reid maya.reid [at] Assoc
Fahriye Sari Assoc
Katharina Yandrofski katharina.yandrofski [at] Fed

Bioprocess Measurements Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Kurt Benkstein Group Leader kurt.benkstein [at] Fed
Audrey Loy Group Office Manager audrey.loy [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Kyle Anderson kyle.anderson [at] Fed
Kurt Benkstein kurt.benkstein [at] Fed
Michael J. Carrier michael.carrier [at] Fed
Richard E. Cavicchi richard.cavicchi [at] Fed
Rosa Cromartie rosa.cromartie [at] Fed
John Curry john.curry [at] Ctr
Olesia Gololobova Assoc
Jeffrey W. Hudgens jeffrey.hudgens [at] Assoc
Ioannis Karageorgos ioannis.karageorgos [at] Fed
Sean Lehman sean.lehman [at] Fed
Christopher B. Montgomery christopher.montgomery [at] Fed
Sezin Sayin sezin.sayin [at] IntlAssoc
Stephen Semancik stephen.semancik [at] Fed
Kristen L. Steffens kristen.steffens [at] Fed
Srivalli Telikepalli srivalli.telikepalli [at] Fed
Wyatt N. Vreeland wyatt.vreeland [at] Fed
Yangyang Zhao yangyang.zhao [at] IntlAssoc
Peng Zheng peng.zheng [at] Assoc

Mass Spectrometry Data Center Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
William Wallace Group Leader william.wallace [at] Fed
Sarah Huber Group Office Manager sarah.huber [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Nirina Rabe Andriamaharavo nirina.andriamaharavo [at] Fed
Tallat Bukhari tallat.bukhari [at] Fed
Meghan Burke Harris meghan.burkeharris [at] Fed
Brian Cooper brian.cooper [at] Assoc
Jeffrey Enama Ctr
Edward Erisman edward.erisman [at] Fed
Hugo Garraffo hugo.garraffo [at] Fed
Lewis Geer lewis.geer [at] Fed
Brian Gilmore Ctr
Zachary Goecker zachary.goecker [at] Fed
Hani Habra hani.habra [at] Fed
Weihua Ji weihua.ji [at] Fed
Andrea Kaminski Ctr
Yuxue Liang yuxue.liang [at] Fed
Yi Liu yi.liu [at] Fed
Tytus Mak tytus.mak [at] Fed
Gary Mallard w.mallard [at] Assoc
Anzor I. Mikaia anzor.mikaia [at] Fed
Yuri Mirokhin yuri.mirokhin [at] Assoc
Pedatsur Neta pedatsur.neta [at] Fed
William Newton Ctr
Nemal Patel Ctr
Quan-Long Pu quan-long.pu [at] Fed
Aliyah Hannah Remoroza aliyahhannah.remoroza [at] Assoc
Concepcion Remoroza concepcion.remoroza [at] Assoc
Sergey Sheetlin sergey.sheetlin [at] Fed
Yamil Simon yamil.simon [at] Fed
Douglas Slotta douglas.slotta [at] Fed
Stephen E. Stein stephen.stein [at] Fed
Dmitrii V. Tchekhovskoi dmitrii.tchekhovskoi [at] Fed
Kelly Telu kelly.telu [at] Fed
Nino G. Todua nino.todua [at] Assoc
Oleg V. Toropov oleg.toropov [at] Fed
Anh Tran anh.q.tran [at] Fed
Kirill V. Tretyakov kirill.tretyakov [at] Assoc
Ashley Venezia Ctr
William Wallace william.wallace [at] Fed
Guanghui Wang [at] Fed
Timothy Warchol Ctr
Edward White V edward.white [at] Assoc
Xinjian (Eric) Yan xinjian.yan [at] Fed
Xiaoyu (Sara) Yang xiaoyu.yang [at] Fed
Zheng Zhang zheng.zhang [at] Fed
Zheng Zhang zheng.zhang [at] Fed
Yufang Zheng yufang.zheng [at] Fed
Adam Zuber adam.zuber [at] Assoc