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Biomolecular Structure and Function Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
John Marino Group Leader john.marino [at] Fed
Seung Cho Group Secretary seung.cho [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Christina Bergonzo christina.bergonzo [at] Fed
Robert Brinson robert.brinson [at] Fed
Violeta Burns Casamayor violeta.burnscasamayor [at] Assoc
Nicholas Callahan Assoc
Seung Cho seung.cho [at] Fed
Thomas Cleveland thomas.cleveland [at] Fed
Frank Delaglio frank.delaglio [at] Fed
Darwin Diaz Ctr
David Travis Gallagher travis.gallagher [at] Fed
Goncalo Gouveia goncalojorge.perescardosogouveia [at] Assoc
Alexander Grishaev alexander.grishaev [at] Fed
Syed Hasan Assoc
Svetlana Ikonomova svetlana.ikonomova [at] Fed
Jaekyun Jeon Assoc
Zvi Kelman zvi.kelman [at] Fed
John Marino john.marino [at] Fed
Curtis W. Meuse curtis.meuse [at] Fed
Ella Mihailescu ella.mihailescu [at] Assoc
Subrata Mishra subrata.mishra [at] Fed
Brian Pierce Assoc
Fahriye Sari Assoc
Katharina Yandrofski katharina.yandrofski [at] Fed