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NIST-NRC Postdoctoral Fellowship

The National Research Council sponsors a 2-year fellowship to work at NIST.

For more information on the fellowship, eligibility and application process, please visit the NIST International and Academic Affairs site on the subject. 

NIST-NRC Research Opportunities Available within the Biomolecular Measurement Division

(Opportunities are hyperlinked to NRC Postdoctoral Research Opportunity Listings)

Applied Genetics Group
Accurate Nucleic Acid Measurements for Molecular Diagnostics -- Megan Cleveland
Clinical Genetics -- Peter Vallone
Ensuring the Safety of Vaccines and Biologics -- Megan Cleveland
Forensic Genetics -- Peter Vallone
Next Generation Sequencing Analysis of Forensic Markers-- Peter Vallone, Katherine Gettings

Bioanalytical Science Group
Analytical Methods Development for Metabolomics -- Mark LowenthalKaren Phinney
Analytical Mass Spectrometry for Organics and Biomolecules -- Karen Phinney, David Bunk, Eric Kilpatrick, Mark Lowenthal
Analytical Technology for Biopharmaceutical Process and Product Characterization --  Karen Phinney, John Schiel, Illarion Turko
Characterization of Protein-based Allergens -- David Bunk, Ashley Beasley Green, Melissa Phillips
The Measurement Science of Clinical Proteomics -- David Bunk, Eric Kilpatrick, Mark LowenthalKaren Phinney,  Illarion Turko
Method development for quantifying protein hormones in clinical applications
 -- Mark Lowenthal
Next Generation Biopharmaceuticals
 -- John Schiel
Novel Analytical Separation Science Methodology -- Karen Phinney
Oligonucleotide Analysis by Mass Spectrometry -- Mark Lowenthal
Qualitative and Quantitative Characterization of Clinical Analytes -- Ashley Beasley Green

Biomolecular Structure and Function Group
Advanced computational modeling techniques to enable fast screening of RNA biopharmaceutical products -- Christina BergonzoJohn Marino
Biopharmaceutical and Membrane Protein Stabilization -- Curt Meuse
Computational Methods for NMR Structural Biology and Spectral Fingerprinting of Protein Therapeutics -- Frank Delaglio
Creating Computational Techniques to Investigate the Ensemble Structures of Flexible Proteins In Combination with Neutron Scattering Data -- Christina Bergonzo, Yun Liu
Determination of Flexibly Linked, Dynamic or Intrinsically Unfolded Proteins and RNA from Solution NMR and X-ray Scattering Data -- Alexander Grishaev
Development of Procedures for Increasing the Information Content of the Biomolecular Solution X-ray Scattering Data and Improving the Accuracy of their Structural Interpretation -- Alexander Grishaev
Development of Technologies to Enable Single Molecule Protein Sequencing -- John Marino
Engineering Enzymes for the Biomanufacture of Nucleoside Conjugates -- Zvi Kelman
High-Resolution NMR for 3D Structural "Finger-Printing" of Biological Therapeutics -- Rob Brinson
In vivo Protein Labeling with Stable Isotopes -- Zvi Kelman
Precision Cryo-electron Microscopy for Biopharmaceutical Structures -- John Marino, Andrew Herzing
RNA Structural Analysis Using Single-Molecule Fluorescence Measurements
-- John Marino
RNA Structure and Function of Marine Viruses Using High Field NMR -- John Marino
Structural characterization of LNP/mRNA vaccines by combining CryoEM, SAXS, and SANS
 -- Thomas Cleveland
Structural Fingerprinting of Oligonucleotide Therapeutics -- Rob Brinson
Structural Profiling of mRNA Vaccine and Therapeutic Platform Technologies -- Rob BrinsonThomas ClevelandJohn Marino
Structure-Function Relationships of Biological Macromolecules Using NMR -- John Marino
Structure-function Studies of Antimicrobial Peptides in Lipid Membranes -- John Marino

Bioprocess Measurements Group
Enabling Research for Next-Generation Chemical and Biochemical Sensing -- Kurt BenksteinSteve Semancik
Fundamental Studies of Transduction Phenomena for Microscale and Nanoscale Chemical/Biochemical Sensors -- Steve Semancik
Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry of Proteins and Biosimilar Drugs -- Kyle Anderson
Metrology Tools for Biomanufacturing -- Dean Ripple
Microfluidics and Lab-on-a-Chip Technologies for Controlled Molecular Self-Assembly, Analytical Biochemistry, and Multiplexed Measurements -- Wyatt Vreeland
Microfluidics for Biotherapeutics Measurements -- Richard Cavicchi

DNA Damage Project
Oxidative DNA damage as bioindicator for environmental genotoxicity -- Pawel Jaruga

Mass Spectrometry Data Center Group
Algorithms for Compound Identification by Mass Spectrometry -- Xioayu (Sara) Yang
Building and Using Mass Spectral Reference Libraries -- Steve Stein
Differentiation of Analytical and Biological Variability in Metabolomics using Standard Reference Materials and Multivariate Statistics -- Yamil Simon
Improving Peptide Identification By Making Use of All Levels of Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Analysis
 -- Meghan Harris Burke
Leveraging Artificial Neural Networks for Enhancing GC and LC-MS Metabolomics Data Interpretation and Integration -- Tytus Mak
Mass Spectrometry Data Analysis -- Steve Stein
Mass Spectrometry-Based Measurements of Protein Glycosylation -- Steve Stein
Numerical Methods in Chemical Spectroscopy and Materials Characterization -- William Wallace
Using Artificial Intelligence to Predict Chemistry -- Lewis Geer

Created March 31, 2014, Updated September 11, 2023