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Biomolecular Measurement Division Staff Directory

BMD Division Office Staff
Dr. Michael Tarlov, Chief
Carole Young, Office Manager
Dr. Rebecca Zangmeister, Science Advisor
Mark Etter, IT Specialist
Marissa Maley, Property and Chemical Inventory Custodian
Dr. Miral Dizdar, NIST Fellow
Dr. Pawel Jaruga, Researcher & Division WERB Representative
Dr. Erdem Coskun, Guest Researcher
Dr. Onur Erdem, Guest Researcher

Members of the Applied Genetics Group
Dr. Peter Vallone, Group Leader
Audrey Loy, Office Manager 

Members of the Bioanalytical Science Group
Dr. Karen Phinney, Group Leader
Helsie Mack, Office Manager  

Members of the Mass Spectrometry Data Center
Dr. William Wallace III, Group Leader
Heather Blache, Office Manager

Members of the Biomolecular Structure and Function Group
Dr. John Marino, Group Leader
Seung Cho, Office Manager

Members of the Bioprocess Measurements Group
Dr. Dean Ripple, Group Leader
Kenyatta Washington, Office Manager  

Created December 17, 2008, Updated September 8, 2017