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Robert Brinson (Fed)

Research Chemist

Robert applies biophysical measurements to define structure and dynamics of nucleic acids, proteins, and glycoproteins with a specific focus on biotherapeutics. In particular, Robert seeks to push the limits of NMR methodologies to define the critical quality attribute of higher order structure for protein drug products. Robert also applies chemometric analyses to 2D NMR spectra.

Robert received his Ph.D. in chemistry from Wake Forest University in 2005 where he studied the photo-activation of caged biocides under the direction of Paul Jones. He then entered the field of structural biology as a NIH/NIST NRC postdoctoral fellow under John Marino (NIST) and Stuart Le Grice (NCI). Under their direction, Robert performed high resolution NMR studies on purine rich RNA/DNA hybrids derived from HIV-1 and Saccharomyces cerevisiae long-terminal repeat (LTR)-retrotransposon Ty3.


2016, Department of Commerce Silver Award


Created June 18, 2019, Updated June 15, 2021