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Ella Mihailescu (Assoc)


Copper‑binding anticancer peptides fromthepiscidin family: anexpanded mechanism thatencompasses physical andchemical bilayer disruption

Fatih Comert, Frank Heinrich, Ananda Chowdhury, Mason Schoeneck, Caitlin Darling, Kyle Anderson, M. Daben J. Libardo, Alfredo Angeles‑Boza, Vitalii I. Silin, Myriam Cotten, Mihaela Mihailescu
In the search for novel broad‑spectrum therapeutics to fight chronic infections, inflammation, and cancer, host defense peptides (HDPs) have garnered increasing

Structure and Hydration of Membranes Embedded with Voltage-Sensing Domains

Dmitriy Krepkiy, Ella Mihailescu, J. Alfredo Freites, Eric V. Schow, David Worcester, Klaus Gawrisch, Douglas Tobias, Stephen White, Kenton J. Swartz
Despite the growing number of atomic-resolution membrane protein structures, direct structural information about proteins in their native membrane environment
Created April 9, 2019, Updated June 15, 2021