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Host Defense Peptide Piscidin and Yeast-derived Glycolipid Exhibit Synergistic Antimicrobial Action through Concerted Interactions with Membranes

October 19, 2023
Fei Liu, Alexander Greenwood, Yawei Xiong, Rebecca Miceli, Riqiang Fu, Kyle Anderson, Scott McCallum, Ella Mihailescu, Richard Gross, Myriam Cotten
Developing new antimicrobials as alternatives to conventional antibiotics has become an urgent race to eradicate drug-resistant bacteria and save human lives. Conventionally, antimicrobial molecules are studied independently even though they can be co

Copper-binding anticancer peptides from the piscidin family: an expanded mechanism that encompasses physical and chemical bilayer disruption

June 16, 2021
Fatih Comert, Frank N. Heinrich, Ananda Chowdhury, Mason Schoeneck, Caitlin Darling, Kyle Anderson, M. Daben J. Libardo, Alfredo Angeles-Boza, Vitalii I. Silin, Myriam Cotten, Mihaela Mihailescu
In the search for novel broad‑spectrum therapeutics to fight chronic infections, inflammation, and cancer, host defense peptides (HDPs) have garnered increasing interest. Characterizing their biologically‑active conformations and minimum motifs for

Structure and Function in Antimicrobial Piscidins: Histidine Position, Directionality of Membrane Insertion, and pH-Dependent Permeabilization

May 30, 2019
Mihaela Mihailescu, Mirco Sorci, Jolita Seckute, Vitalii I. Silin, Janet Hammer, B. Scott Perrin, Jorge Hernandez, Nedzada Smajic, Akritee Shrestha, Kimberly Bogadardus, Alexander Greenwood, Riqiang Fu, Jack Blazyk, Richard W. Pastor, Linda Nicholson, Georges Belfort, Myriam Cotten
Piscidins are histidine-enriched antimicrobial peptides that interact with lipid bilayers as amphipathic alpha-helices. Their activity at acidic and basic pH in vivo makes them promising templates for biomedical applications. This study focuses on p1 and

Hydration of Conduction Pores in KcsA Potassium Channel and M2 Proton Channel

September 14, 2015
J L. Blasic, David L. Worcester, Klaus Gawrisch, Philip A. Gurnev, Mihaela Mihailescu
Water-filled hydrophobic cavities of channel proteins serve as gateways for transfer of ions across membrane. However, functional implications of hydration-dehydration transitions remain elusive due to difficulties to detect and quantify water in channel

Structural Association of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs with Lipid Membranes

November 7, 2012
Mohan Babu Boggara, Mihaela Mihailescu, Ramanan Krishnamoorti
The location and distribution of ibuprofen, a model nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, in a phospholipid bilayer was examined in molecular detail by a combination of neutron diffraction and computer simulations. In addition to their use as antipyretic

Structure and Hydration of Membranes Embedded with Voltage-Sensing Domains

November 26, 2009
Dmitriy Krepkiy, Mihaela Mihailescu, J. Alfredo Freites, Eric V. Schow, David Worcester, Klaus Gawrisch, Douglas Tobias, Stephen White, Kenton J. Swartz
Despite the growing number of atomic-resolution membrane protein structures, direct structural information about proteins in their native membrane environment is scarce. This problem is particularly relevant in the case of the highly-charged S1-S4 voltage