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Erica Romsos

Ms. Erica Romsos received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Valparaiso University in 2006 and received her Master of Forensic Science in Forensic Molecular Biology from George Washington University in 2008. Upon graduation from GWU, she worked for Fairfax Identity Laboratory in Richmond, VA, specializing in immigration and legal paternity cases as well as CODIS data-banking. Erica has been working as part of the Biometrics and Human Identity Group since August 2009, focusing on the following projects:

1. Extraction Efficiency of DNA from Buccal Swabs and Blood

2. Direct PCR Amplification testing and analysis

3. Optimization of qPCR Assays

4. Prototype testing of DNA Biometric devices
5. Digital PCR for characterization of the Human DNA Quantitation Standard (SRM 2372)

2014 Department of Commerce Silver Award for the development of rapid forensic DNA typing techniques which enabled the development of current state-of-the-art human identity testing kits.


Rapid DNA Maturity Assessment

Erica L. Romsos, Sanae Lembirick, Peter M. Vallone
Two fully integrated rapid DNA platforms were tested as a part of a rapid DNA maturity assessment in the fall of 2014. The assessment was conducted with sets of
Created October 9, 2019