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Technical Excellence 2020

Below is a list of quick links to each of the 2020 MML Accolades for Technical Excellence where each accolade is described and a list of the awardees and their contributions are provided. 



MML Measurement Science Excellence

To recognize MML staff and associates who conduct research that solves critical stakeholder problems and inspires innovations in measurement science.



Jamie Weaver, James Radney, Edward Vicenzi, and Christopher Zangmeister

For completing a comprehensive study by rapidly characterizing the aerosol filtration efficiency of over 40 common cloth materials used to make reusable masks that slow the spread of COVID-19.



Wengang Zhang

For making advances in molecular dynamics modeling of polymer materials, including performing highly-regarded molecular dynamics simulations and developing new analytic methods.



MML Measurement Services Excellence

To recognize superior work in development of measurement services in the areas of Reference Materials (RMs)/Standard Reference Materials (SRMs), Standard Reference Instruments (SRIs), documentary standards, quality assurance programs, and interlaboratory studies.



Mark Cronise, Michael Williamson, Corey Hankerson, Paul Bryan,
Edward Perlson, James Fort, Darren Williams, and Curtis Fales

For maintenance of ORM operations and support of NIST SRM customers, by voluntarily performing their duties on the NIST campus during mandatory COVID-19 telework.



Robert Fletcher

For leading a multi-disciplinary team of international external collaborators, NIST scientists, computer scientists and statisticians to manufacture and qualify SRM 2806 used for calibrating optical particle counters.



MML Science Data Management and Capabilities

To recognize those who build the infrastructure for the next generation of data science tools and data sets in order to facilitate scientific innovation.


James Radney

For outstanding design, development, and execution of a new data acquisition software for Neutron Depth Profiling (NDP) with both super-user and basic-user interfaces.


Joshua Taillon

For the scientific software implementation of the NEXUS Microscopy Facility Laboratory Information Management System, a robust architecture for managing research data workflows optimized for materials research.



MML Postdoctoral Fellow

To recognize the superior work of the postdoctoral fellows who work with MML staff on scientific projects.


Jake Benzing

For outstanding contributions toward the use of additive manufacturing metals in critical applications through development of (1) novel titanium heat treatments to eliminate process-induced material variation and (2) small-scale mechanical test techniques to evaluate microstructure heterogeneities at appropriate length scales.


Nathan Mahynski

For pioneering simulation work in colloidal self-assembly, adsorption science, and statistical-mechanical extrapolation algorithms.


Sri Vikram Palagummi

For outstanding scientific and technical contributions to NIST's Biomaterials for Oral Health Program leading to the deployment of NIST Standard Reference Instrument 6005 for the characterization of polymerization stress.


Ran Tao

For her exceptional contribution to the development of fundamental processing-structure-property measurements on non-linear materials used in certification of life-safety products and the development of calibration methods for orthogonal superposition rheology measurements.



MML Student Intern

To recognize the superior work of the interns that work alongside MML staff on either scientific or administrative projects.


Firdavs Kurbanov

For significant contribution to the development of experimental designs and control strategies for cell counting measurements.



Collaboration and Teamwork

To recognize and foster teamwork across divisions and across OUs and beyond, honoring those, as a leader or as a team, who have used collaboration for successful project development and problem solving.



Amber Burns, Daniel Katz, Marcela Najarro, and Edward Sisco

For leveraging expertise from NIST and Maryland State Police Forensic Sciences Division in a strategic partnership that has advanced measurement capabilities and developed the necessary controlled substance metrology for understanding the impact of drug background in forensic laboratories.



First Row:  Peter Vallone, Jason Kralj, Stephanie Servetas, Anthony Kearsley, Zvi Kelman
Second Row:  William Brad O’Dell, Heather Meade, Andrea Szakal, Katherine Gettings, William Valiant
Third Row:  Paul Patrone, Megan Cleveland, Hari Iyer, Hua-Jun He, Scott Jackson
 Fourth Row:  Becky Steffen, Erica Romsos, Min Ra, Kenneth Cole, Robert Brinson, John Marino

(The team above) For the rapid development of nucleic acid-based measurement methods and standards, including RGTM 10169: SARS-CoV-2 Synthetic RNA Fragments, to support detection and characterization of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in a cross-division and -OU multidisciplinary, teamwork effort.



Distinguished Associate

To recognize associates or previous staff members who have made outstanding contributions to MML goals.

This accolade is for work that earned the NIST staff member(s) a DOC-level award in the previous year, and is designed to recognize associates or previous staff members that were critical to the success of the work.



Greta Lindwall

For identifying improved post-processing treatments for additive manufacturing metal alloys that resolve a critical issue of mechanical part failure.

For her contribution to this work which received a DOC Bronze Medal awarded to Mark Stoudt, Maureen Williams, Lyle Levine, Fan Zhang, Carelyn Campbell, Michael Katz, Thien Phan, and Thomas Gnaupel-Herold.



Yuri Mirokhin and Concepcion (Connie) Remoroza

For revolutionizing the breadth, scope, and responsiveness of the NIST Tandem Mass Spectral Library for chemical identification in complex mixtures.

For their contributions to this work which received a DOC Gold Medal awarded to Xiaoyu Yang, Pedatsur Neta, Yuxue Liang, and Stephen E. Stein.



Marc Salit

For development and implementation of a measurement assurance strategy to improve comparability and reliability of cell-based assays.

For his contribution to this work which received a DOC Bronze Medal awarded to John Elliott, Elijah Petersen, and Blaza Toman.


Created August 21, 2020, Updated July 28, 2022