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Technical Excellence 2018

Below is a list of quick links to each of the 2018 MML Accolades for Technical Excellence where each accolade is described and a list of the awardees and their contributions are provided.  

MML Distinguished Associate

 To recognize Associates or previous staff members who have made outstanding contributions to MML goals.

S. Bontems

Susan Bontems

For creation and leadership of the Montgomery College Internship Program that increases the diversity of our STEM pipeline

Riccardo Brignoli

For identifying the best alternatives to hydrofluorocarbon chemicals essential to the future of the air-conditioning and refrigerating industries

2018 MML Distinguished Associate Brignoli

2018 MML Distinguished Associate DaSilva

Sandra DaSilva

For deployment of a quantitative yeast material that enables safe on-site training for first responders to increase confidence in biothreat detection

Jeffrey Horlick, Wilbur Hurst, and Doug Meier

For developing precise and low-cost calibration methods in the field for chemical detectors that monitor chemical warfare agents

2018 MML Distinguished Associate Horlick Hurst and Meier

2018 MML Distinguished Associate Lauria and Amaro

Damian Lauria and Robert Amaro

For advancing the safe, effective use of hydrogen for fuel and manufacturing by spearheading science-based improvements to hydrogen pipeline codes

Katharina Yandrofski

For developing NISTMAb, industry’s first monoclonal antibody reference material and benchmarking tool for manufacturing life-saving protein drugs

2018 MML Distinguished Associate Yandrofski


MML Distinguished Technician

 To recognize the superior work and/or leadership of technicians on scientific projects that are essential to the MML mission.

2018 MML Distinguished Technician Barry

Dwight Barry

For exceptional technical service and guidance in support of various scientific research programs in the Security Technologies Group

MML Measurement Services Excellence

 To recognize the superior work of NIST staff and Associates in development of measurement services in the areas of Reference Materials/Standard Reference Materials, Standard Reference Instruments, documentary standards, and quality assurance programs.

2018 MML Measurement Services Excellence Glover

Jack Glover

For the development of critical improvements to image quality assessment methods for security screening X-ray imaging systems, now recognized as ASTM documentary test method standards

John Sieber

For continuous development, maintenance, and improvement of 350 NIST SRMs and ASTM international documentary standards

2018 MML Measurement Services Excellence Sieber

MML Measurement Science Excellence

 To recognize MML staff members and Associates who conduct research that solves critical stakeholder problems and inspires innovations in measurement science

2018 MML Measurement Science Excellence Jaruga

Pawel Jaruga

For developing a novel genotoxicity assessment tool for the Laurentian Great Lakes using biomarkers of oxidatively-induced DNA damage in dreissenid mussels

Lisa Kilpatrick

For development of a mass spectrometry-based method for vitamin D binding protein

2018 MML Measurement Science Excellence Kilpatrick

2018 MML Measurement Science Excellence Williams Moon

Maureen Williams and Kil-Won Moon

For detailed measurements that are critical to the development of a cobalt-based diffusion mobility database currently being developed at NIST

Mark Vaudin

For developing precise, accurate, and traceable nano-scale strain measurement methods based on high-resolution electron backscatter diffraction

2018 MML Measurement Science Excellence Vaudin

MML Postdoctoral Fellow

 To recognize the superior work of one (or more) of the postdoctoral fellows that work with MML staff on scientific projects

2018 MML Postdoctoral Fellow Montoro Bustos

Antonio Monturo Bustos

For outstanding achievement in the advancement of the multi-technique and multi-disciplinary characterization of engineered nanomaterials

Erdem Coskun

For the development of a novel mass spectrometric method to accurately measure DNA repair proteins

2018 MML Postdoctoral Fellow Coskun

2018 MML Postdoctoral Fellow Ghosh

Supriyo Ghosh

For significant research efforts using phase field modeling of microstructural evolution during additive manufacturing of metal alloys

Nathan Hotaling

For development of tools for the efficient and reliable characterization of manufactured fibrous scaffolds

2018 MML Postdoctoral Fellow Hotaling

2018 MML Postdoctoral Fellow Keller

Trevor Keller

For exceptional contribution to the field of metal additive manufacturing with a focus on developing integrated simulation methods to predict microstructure evolution based on phase-field models, computational thermodynamics, and finite element analysis

Bharath Natarajan

For superior contributions to nanomaterial characterization via novel electron microscopy and high- throughput image analysis; and for advancing the understanding in the emerging field of cellulose nanocrystal (CNC) self-assembly and novel green CNC formulations with superior mechanical properties

2018 MML Postdoctoral Fellow Natarajan

MML Science data management and capabilities

 To recognize those who build the infrastructure for the next generation of data science tools and data sets in order to facilitate scientific innovation

2018 Science Data Management Accolade Marengo

Alberto Marengo

For developing high quality web applications as a turn-key software platform that can be used for rapid deployment of future NIST database applications

Oleg V. Toropov

For operating and managing an integrated system of hardware and software within the MML Mass Spectrometry Data Center, encompassing both NIST and public generated data

2018 Science Data Management Accolade Toropov

MML Student Intern

 To recognize the superior work of one (or more) of the many interns that work alongside MML staff on scientific projects

2018 MML Student Intern Caceres

George Caceres

For significant contributions to accurate SRM value assignments, CCQM Key Comparisons measurements, and research to advance the detection and quantification of nanoparticles

Eddie Chang

For significant contributions to the development of a novel tool for diagnostics for next generation high density energy storage

2018 MML Student Intern

2018 MML Student Intern Devers

Rachel Devers

For the transformation and modernization of data management practices for the NIST Electron Microscopy Nexus

Daniel Ng

For outstanding contributions in determining the time-temperature-transformation diagram for the formation of the delta phase in additive manufactured Ni-base superalloy, IN625

2018 MML Student Intern Ng

MML Technology Transfer

 In recognition of MML staff members and Associates for superior transfer of NIST technical work for use by our stakeholders in areas of national priorities and mission-related work

2018 MML Tech Transfer Accolade Dong et al.

Top (left to right) Qian Dong, Stephen Stein, Sanford Markey, Xinjian (Eric) Yan.  Bottom (left to right) Dimitrii Tchekhavskoi, Yuri Mirokhin, Yuxue Liang, Tallat Bukhari

For developing a comprehensive mass-spectral library of the NISTmAb and IgG-based antibodies used by researchers from the academic and biotechnology communities

Jessica Reiner

For analysis of 22 SRMs leading to 28 publications and 16 presentations, resulting in recognition as a world-class expert in polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) analyses

2018 MML Tech Transfer Accolade Reiner

Created May 15, 2018, Updated May 23, 2018