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Organizational Excellence 2019

Below is a list of quick links to each of the 2019 MML Accolades for Organizational Excellence where each accolade is described and a list of the awardees and their contributions are provided.  



Excellence in MML Administration

To recognize those in MML or at NIST who have gone above and beyond in serving MML staff, associates, and/or stakeholders in their administrative roles or through an administrative function.


S. Koirala

Shaswat Koirala

For his critical support of the new Citicard program at NIST as exemplified by his extensive and accurate testing of the new system.

Michael Szwed, Margaret Robinson, and Shari Beauchamp (not pictured)

For service to the NIST Summer High School Intern Program (SHIP) as exemplified by their routing of an inter-agency agreement that allows all federal agencies to use an innovative recommendation portal system. 


Szwed Robinson


MML Mentor

To recognize an MML staff member or Associate who has played a significant role in the support and guidance of other staff members.


F. Tavazza

Francesca Tavazza

For her extraordinary mentorship and learning tools, which enabled numerous trainees, peers and stakeholders to develop and apply physics-based AI algorithms for the study of 2D electronic materials.



MML Outreach

 To recognize MML staff members and Associates who played a significant role in educational outreach to the community.


K. Anderson

Kyle Anderson

For his outreach efforts as President of the Washington Chromatography Discussion Group, which promoted the NIST mission, facilitating collaboration with stakeholders and supporting students.

Cindi Dennis

For her spirited dedication to NIST's Summer High School Intern Program (SHIP) as exemplified by her development of innovative tools for collecting and evaluating student applications to the program.


C. Dennis



Service and Support to MML

To recognize MML staff members and Associates, as well as those in other OUs, who have made MML a better place to work, have gone the extra mile to help MML staff ‘get the job done,’ or who have streamlined processes to make MML operate more efficiently.


K. Hagiwara Usui

Kehau Hagiwara Usui

For expertly managing the NMR instrument and facility at the Hollings Marine Laboratory, which is central to NIST's program in metabolomics measurements and to critical stakeholder partnerships. 

Chris Muzny

For assuming successive temporary leadership of two different groups (without training, preparation, or previous experience) which thrived during periods of management and programmatic transition.


Accolades Artifact 2019



Fume Hood Testing MML Accolade


(The team above) For working collaboratively to coordinate and perform annual fume hood testing for the NIST-Gaithersburg campus in a timely manner, providing a critical safety service to the NIST Laboratories


Service in Professional Organizations

To recognize those in MML who serve with distinction in professional organizations that further the NIST mission.


F. Meisenkothen and E. Steel

Frederick Meisenkothen and Eric Steel

For their leadership and support of the Atom Probe Tomography and Microscopy community through their organization of highly successful and well attended international symposium at NIST. 

Created August 22, 2019, Updated July 28, 2022