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Technical Excellence 2017

Below is a list of quick links to each of the 2017 MML Accolades for Technical Excellence where each accolade is described and a list of the awardees and their contributions are provided.  

MML Distinguished Associate

 To recognize Associates or previous staff members who have made outstanding contributions to MML goals.


2017 MML Distinguished Associate

Katie Rice and Roy Geiss

For inventing transmission electron backscatter diffraction that provides a 10-fold improvement of measurement of the atomic structure of crystalline materials compared to traditional means revolutionizing the development of vital materials for advanced electronics, nanotechnologies, and innovative structural alloys

Fan Zhang

For establishing innovative new instrumentation and software to measure microstructure and dynamics in materials over many length scales and under real-world conditions fostering deployment into energy building and other technologies


2017 MML Distinguished Associate


MML Distinguished Technician

 To recognize the superior work and/or leadership of technicians on scientific projects that are essential to the MML mission.


2017 MML Distinguished Technician

Andrew Chen

For extraordinary technical assistance to the development, operation, and maintenance of a world-class thin film deposition system preparing world leading spintronic structures revolutionizing the electronics industry

MML Measurement Services Excellence

 To recognize the superior work of NIST staff and Associates in development of measurement services in the areas of Reference Materials/Standard Reference Materials, Standard Reference Instruments, documentary standards, and quality assurance programs.


MML Measurement Services Excellence

 For developing NISTmAB, the first monoclonal antibody reference material. This widely-used reference material supports the development of lifesaving drugs and was developed with industry-wide collaboration.

MML Measurement Science Excellence

 To recognize MML staff members and Associates who conduct research that solves critical stakeholder problems and inspires innovations in measurement science


2017 MML Measurement Science Excellence

Tae Joon (TJ) Cho

For outstanding scientific and technical contributions critical to the establishment and long-term success of the Nanoparticle Metrology for Health and the Environment project    

MML Postdoctoral Fellow

 To recognize the superior work of one (or more) of the postdoctoral fellows that work with MML staff on scientific projects


2017 MML Postdoctoral Fellow

Alexandros Chremos

For establishing fundamental and new characteristics of the thermodynamics and dynamics of multiple materials that solve challenging materials design problems for the manufacturing and medical science communities that significantly advances work at NIST and other national laboratories

Abby Turner

For implementing innovative measurement strategies in capillary electrophoresis and tandem mass spectrometry resulting in characterization of RM 8671 NISTmAB, the first monoclonal antibody reference material


2017 MML Postdoctoral Fellow

MML Science data management and capabilities

 To recognize those who build the infrastructure for the next generation of data science tools and data sets in order to facilitate scientific innovation


2017 MML Science Data Management and Capabilities

Gilad Kusne

For development of novel automated and autonomous structural data analysis methods for rapid structure phase mapping enabling high throughput discovery of functional materials

Kamal Choudhary

For exceptional contributions in the field of data computing and data sharing for materials discovery including designing and populating two new data repositories for ab-initio and classically-computed material properties


2017 MML Science Data Management and Capabilities

MML Student Intern

 To recognize the superior work of one (or more) of the many interns that work alongside MML staff on scientific projects


2017 MML Student Intern

Jude Anike

For developing novel and innovative approaches to data analysis resulting in characterization of oxide compounds with superior thermoelectric properties for environmentally friendly energy alternatives

Grace Hahm

For developing novel analytical methods to characterize antioxidants resulting in critical Food and Dietary Supplement SRM measurements


2017 MML Student Intern


2017 MML Student Intern

Christopher Lee

For implementing complex, abstract concepts into novel cell shape metrology programs that characterize the impact of scaffold matrix and nutrients on cell morphology 

MML Technology Transfer

 In recognition of MML staff members and Associates for superior transfer of NIST technical work for use by our stakeholders in areas of national priorities and mission-related work


2017 MML Technology Transfer

George Quinn

For outstanding contributions to the science of fractography in determining failure mechanisms in brittle materials culminating in the publication of his completely revised and expanded 2016 version of NIST SP 960-16 Fractography of Ceramics and Glasses 

Created September 7, 2017, Updated July 28, 2022