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Organizational Excellence 2015

Below is a list of quick links to each of the 2015 MML Accolades for Organizational Excellence where each accolade is described and a list of the awardees and their contributions are provided.  


Grassroots Safety

To recognize, encourage, and reward safety-related leadership, innovation, preventative or corrective actions, or the implementation of best practices in MML.


2015 Grassroots Safety Awardee

Maureen E. Williams

For improving the safety culture in the Materials Science and Engineering Division and creating a safe work environment by proactively participating in and leading the NIST shared standard of safety performance and the MML safety stand down activities


MML Mentor

To recognize an MML staff member or Associate who has played a significant role in the support and guidance of other staff members.


2015 MML Mentor Awardee

Robert F. Cook

For unwavering mentorship of NIST staff members and associates in support of numerous projects related to the mechanics of advanced materials for biomedical and health, electronics, energy, and forensics applications.

Kavita M. Jeerage

For enthusiastically advising and training junior colleagues to develop critical scientific skills including planning experiments thoughtfully and assessing data critically.


2015 MML Mentor Awardee


2015 MML Mentor

Catherine A. Rimmer

For supporting the advancement of both the scientific and professional development of her fellow group and division members.

Outstanding MML Support

To recognize an MML staff member or Associate who has played a significant role in the support and guidance of other staff members.


2015 Outstanding MML Support Awardees

Michele A. Cooley, Frannie M. Johnson, Kathy R. Hamilton, Dorene Honeycutt, Bill Clark, Jeanne Kilpatrick

For exemplary support to the Applied Chemicals and Materials Division during a period of exceptionally high administrative workload.

Brian Copello

For helping staff to craft effective purchase request packages while serving as the MML liaison to the Acquisition Management Division.


2015 Outstanding MML Support Awardees


2015 Outstanding MML Support Awardees

Maria Polakoski, Shari L. Young, Ellie M. Blickenstaff

For redesigning and implementing the sales process for radioactive SRMs to ensure that radioactive material transfers to customers take place in full accordance with NIST’s licenses and federal regulations.


Service to MML

To recognize MML staff members and Associates, as well as those in other OUs, who have made MML a better place to work, have gone the extra mile to help MML staff ‘get the job done,’ or who have streamlined processes to make MML operate more efficiently.


2015 Service to MML Awardee

Alexander Davis, Benjamin Place, Benjamin Stuhl, Tyler Zimmerman, Wendy Carande, Yasmine Daniels, Yvonne S. Kemper, Nicholas Carbone, Peter Krommenhoek, Trina Formolo, Taylor Woehl, Ian Ryu, Rana Ashkar, Nichole Nadermann, Leona Scanlan, Joseph Hagmann, James Radney, Elyssia Williams, Elias Garratt, Diana Ortiz-Montalvo, Christopher M. Brown, Brittany Catron

For development of a robust NIST-wide postdoctoral association focused on communication, integration, and career development.

Elizabeth A. Mackey

For reducing the burden on radioactive source users and custodians in MML by streamlining approvals for required forms and for exemplary service coordinating the MML safety stand down day.


2015 Service to MML Awardee


2015 Service to MML Awardee

Robert D. Shull and Terrell A. Vanderah

For working tirelessly for more than 20 years to develop and implement a robust Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program at NIST.

Scott A. Wight

For exemplary customer service and technical proficiency in scientific acquisitions that has significantly streamlined the procurement process for MML staff.


2015 Service to MML Awardee
Created June 2, 2017, Updated July 28, 2022