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Organizational Excellence 2016

Below is a list of quick links to each of the 2016 MML Accolades for Organizational Excellence where each accolade is described and a list of the awardees and their contributions are provided.  


Excellence in MML Safety

To recognize, encourage, and reward safety-related leadership, innovation, preventative or corrective actions, or the implementation of best practices in MML.

Hae-Jeong Lee

For development of the Materials Science and Engineering Division Emergency Response Toolkit – a one-stop resource for effective and timely handling of safety events


2016 Excellence in MML Safety Awardee


2016 Excellence in MML Safety Awardee

Andrea L. Szakal

For implementation of an integrated database system and purchase request tool to support site-wide chemical inventory compliance at the Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Research


MML Mentor

To recognize an MML staff member or Associate who has played a significant role in the support and guidance of other staff members.


2016 MML Mentor Awardee

Stephanie Hooker

For excellence in mentoring MML scientists, transferring both technical and leadership skills to the next generation, and promoting the accomplishments of MML staff

Mark Lowenthal

For excellence in mentoring student interns and graduate students, both technically and through career development


2016 MML Mentor Awardee


2016 MML Mentor Awardee

Thomas Moffat

For excellence in mentoring postdoctoral fellows, both technically and through career development


MML Outreach

To recognize MML staff members and Associates who played a significant role in educational outreach to the community.


2016 MML Outreach Awardees

The Sisters Through Science Team:  Ashley Beasley Green, Jeanice Brown Thomas, Yasmine Daniels, Regina Easley, Jeanita Pritchett

For significant contributions in the area of STEM outreach to support the NIST mission of promoting U.S. innovation by exposing youth and adults to science in new and innovative ways

Outstanding MML Support

To recognize an individual or team in MML who has demonstrated exemplary performance and a high degree of initiative and dedication in providing high quality support services to MML beyond the normal job functions.


2016 Accolades Award

Chrisi-Kay Emeje

For excellence in assisting the NIST Office of the Director with large-scale travel preparations for the Organization of Scientific Area Committees for Forensic Science Meeting in Leesburg, VA – January 25-29, 2016

Calvin Missildine

For excellence in providing administrative support to the Environmental Chemical Sciences Group at the Hollings Marine Laboratory


2016 Outstanding MML Support Awardee


2016 Accolades Award

Laurell Phillips

For dedicated support and commitment to the MML Travel Request Improvement Project


Service to MML

To recognize MML staff members and Associates, as well as those in other OUs, who have made MML a better place to work, have gone the extra mile to help MML staff ‘get the job done,’ or who have streamlined processes to make MML operate more efficiently.


2016 Service to MML Awardee

Robert Commarota

For excellence in providing server and database support to the Office of Reference Materials, ensuring smooth functioning of applications used across NIST

Jason Decker, Jason Hartman, Trey Honeycutt, Michael Sellers (All from NOAA)

For excellence in providing Information Technology support to NIST staff at the Hollings Marine Laboratory and helping to improve connectivity with NIST Gaithersburg


2016 Service to MML Awardee


2016 Service to MML Awardee

Mark Etter

For excellence in providing Information Technology support to the Biosystems and Biomaterials Division and the Biomolecular Measurement Division

Jared Ragland

For supporting the Chemical Sciences Division through development of the Environmental Metrology Measurement Assistant (EMMA), a tool for streamlining and accelerating data processing


2016 Service to MML Awardee


Service in Professional Organizations

To recognize those in MML who serve with distinction in professional organizations.


2016 Accolades Award

David Bunk

For exceptional contributions to laboratory medicine through membership in the Scientific Division of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

Created February 14, 2017, Updated July 28, 2022