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Technical Excellence 2021

Below is a list of quick links to each of the 2021 MML Accolades for Technical Excellence where each accolade is described and a list of the awardees and their contributions are provided. 



MML Collaboration and Teamwork

To recognize and foster teamwork across divisions and across OUs and beyond, honoring those, as a leader or as a team, who have used collaboration for successful project development and problem solving.



First Row: Megan Cleveland, Peter Denno, Joy Dunkers, Sarah Inwood, Zvi Kelman, Andy Persily
Second Row: Steve Semancik, Carl Simon, Linhua Tian, 
Pete Vallone, Chris Zangmeister

For assisting the Office of Advanced Manufacturing as subject matter experts advising NIIMBL project teams funded through the CARES Act to respond to the pandemic national emergency.


Gut Microbiome Team

First Row:  Christina Jones, Paulina Piotrowski, Sandra Da Silva, Stephanie Servetas
Second Row: Katrice Lippa, Nancy Lin, Scott Jackson

For the development of a multi-divisional collaboration ("The Poop Team") aimed at the production of a Human Gut Microbiome (a.k.a. human fecal) Reference Material for multi-omic analyses.



MML Early Career

To recognize the superior work of MML associates and staff in the early portion of their career at NIST.


Veruska Malave

For planning, pursuing, and achieving an extraordinary range of creative modeling results effectively applied to critical projects in the Applied Chemicals and Materials Division.



Arun Moorthy

For significant metrological contributions to Forensics and Law Enforcement through applied statistics, mathematical modelling and mass spectrometry.



Justin Wagner

For outstanding work developing benchmarks, commonly used as "truth", for some of the most challenging regions of the human genome, including regions important for clinical diagnostics.



Measurement Science Excellence

To recognize MML staff and associates who conduct research that solves critical stakeholder problems and inspires innovations in measurement science.


Thomas Forbes

For the development of a novel thermal desorption platform and associated metrology for the desorption, mass spectrometric detection, and analysis of homemade fuel-oxidizer mixtures, propellants.



Measurement Services Excellence

To recognize superior work in development of measurement services in the areas of Reference Materials (RMs)/Standard Reference Materials (SRMs), Standard Reference Instruments (SRIs), documentary standards, quality assurance programs, and interlaboratory studies.


DNA-RMs Team

(The team above) For outstanding development of DNA-based Reference Materials for Biosurveillance.



MML Postdoctoral Fellow

To recognize the superior work of the postdoctoral fellows who work with MML staff on scientific projects.



Nicholas Derimow

For outstanding contributions in titanium additive manufacturing powder oxidation and reuse methodology leading to improved material reliability, part performance, and process cost.



Lilian Johnson

For development of new approaches for parametrizing coarse-grained force-fields and  novel methods for parametrizing friction which enable molecular models that are chemically specific, thermodynamically consistent, and dynamically correct.



Zhi Liang

For exceptional contribution to the field of metal additive manufacturing (AM), with a focus on developing an integrated computation and experimental framework for computationally efficient and cost-effective design of AM titanium alloys.



Alix Rodowa

For outstanding publication showing the impact of SRM 1957.



MML Science Data Management and Capabilities

To recognize those who build the infrastructure for the next generation of data science tools and data sets in order to facilitate scientific innovation.



Chuan Lin

For innovative design and implementation of the NIST Science Data Portal user interface and data cart providing discovery and access to the NIST public data inclusive of scholarly citation which credits researchers for sharing their data publicly.



Kelly Telu

For leadership in mass spectrometry-based metabolomics at NIST as demonstrated through highly regarded publications, engagement with NIST stakeholders, and organization of new research efforts.



MML Technology Transfer

To recognize MML staff and associates for superior transfer of NIST technical work for use by our stakeholders in areas of national priorities and mission-related efforts.



(The team above) For outstanding performance as the Independent Verification and Validation team for the DARPA Friend or Foe Program that enabled the validation of new pathogen detection platforms.




MML Distinguished Associate

To recognize associates or previous staff members who have made outstanding contributions to MML goals.

This accolade is for work that earned the NIST staff member(s) a DOC-level award in the previous year, and is designed to recognize associates or previous staff members that were critical to the success of the work.



Autumn Downey, Laurie Locascio, Jayne Morrow

For developing a suite of standards and the first NIST living reference material to enhance the nation's ability to respond to potential biothreats.

For their contributions to this work which received a DOC Gold Medal awarded to Nancy Lin, Sandra DaSilva, Lindsay Harris, Nathan Olson, Zvi Kelman, Jennifer Verkouteren, James Filliben, and Steve Lund.




David Catoe, Marc Salit, Lesley Chapman, Noah Spies

For developing a suite of human genome metrology tools via a NIST-led consortium to make it possible to decipher life's code with unprecedented rigor.

For their contributions to this work which received a DOC Gold Medal awarded to Justin Zook, Nathanael Olson, Justin Wagner, Jennifer McDaniel, Lindsay Harris, Dan Samarov, Hari Iyer, Pete Vallone, and Megan Cleveland.



Albert Henins

For enabling rapid and accurate x-ray analysis of materials and higher nuclear security through sensor breakthroughs and world’s best reference data.

For his contributions to this work which received a DOC Silver Medal awarded to James Cline, Marcus Mendenhall, Douglas Bennett, John Mates, Galen O'Neil, Daniel Schmidt, Daniel Swetz, Joel Ullom, Leila Vale, Lawrence Hudson.



Eric Lass

For the accelerated design and development of new, lower cost coin materials leading to four patents through a materials design approach.

For his contributions to this work which received a DOC Bronze Medal awarded to Carolyn Campbell and Mark Stoudt.



Aleksandra Dakic

For organizing a consortium to validate a DNA genotyping method, database, and materials to authenticate the identity of mouse cell lines.

For her contributions to this work which received a NIST Slichter award awarded to Jamie Almeida.



Apurva Mehta, Ichiro Takeuchi, Heshan Yu

For creation and implementation of the Closed-loop Autonomous Materials Exploration and Optimization (CAMEO) algorithm, a novel advance in metrology.

For their contributions to this work which received a DOC Bronze Medal awarded to Aaron Gilad Kusne.


Created September 8, 2021, Updated July 28, 2022