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Partnership 2015

Below is a list of quick links to each of the 2015 MML Accolades for Partnership where each accolade is described and a list of the awardees and their contributions are provided.  


MML Cross-Division/OU Teamwork

To recognize and foster teamwork across divisions and across OUs, honoring those who have used collaboration for successful project development and problem solving.


2015 MML Cross-Division/Cross-OU Teamwork Awardees

Peter Bajcsy, Stephen Florczyk, Derek Juba, Carl Simon, Mylene Simon

For a successful collaboration between MML and ITL that resulted in the application of a novel algorithm to a large complex biological image dataset for 3-D measurements of cell-material interactions, and a 3-D web-based cell shape visualization tool.

Created June 2, 2017, Updated July 28, 2022