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Lisa Borsuk

Research Scientist, Bioinformatics

Lisa Borsuk received her master of science at Iowa State University in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology in 2007.  After graduation she worked for a small startup biotech company which did sequencing and sequence analysis.  She started at NIST in Aug. 2015 in the Applied Genetics Group working on sequence analysis of next generation sequencing (NGS) of short tandem repeats (STR).  She has also worked on developing and migrating computer programs to analyze forensic genotyping and sequencing data.


Sequence-based U.S. population data for 27 autosomal STR loci

Katherine B. Gettings, Lisa A. Borsuk, Carolyn R. Steffen, Kevin M. Kiesler, Peter M. Vallone
This manuscript reports STR sequence-based allele frequencies for the "NIST 1036" sample set across 27 autosomal STR loci: D1S1656, TPOX, D2S441, D2S1338

Sequence-based U.S. population data for the SE33 locus

Lisa A. Borsuk, Katherine B. Gettings, Carolyn R. Steffen, Kevin M. Kiesler, Peter M. Vallone
A set of 1036 U.S. Population Samples were sequenced using the Illumina ForenSeq DNA Signature Prep Kit. This sample set has been highly characterized using a
Created July 30, 2019