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Kevin Kiesler (Fed)

In his professional career Kevin has held positions in molecular biology research and development in both the academic and private sectors. His early career was spent in an academic biochemistry research lab providing technical support in the genetic engineering and purification of electron transfer proteins. Then, at the University of Arizona Genomics Core facility, he operated services for DNA fragment analysis, high-throughput DNA sequencing, mutation detection using DHPLC and qPCR platforms, Affymetrix microarrays, qPCR, and fabrication and use of custom DNA microarrays. In his later career he has held senior positions at two private companies, GMS Biotech and OpGen Incorporated. At GMS Biotech he helped to develop a microarray based genotyping method for Human Leukocyte Antigen genes. At OpGen, he aided in the optimization of a genome physical mapping technology while also playing a crucial role in the deployment of a quality control program for OpGen's manufactured goods.

Kevin's current position as a Research Biologist in the Applied Genetics Group at NIST focuses on assessment of molecular biological methods for human biometrics. His interests in genome sequencing, fragment analysis, mutation detection, and advanced applications of PCR technology compliment the core strengths of the Applied Genetics Group at NIST.

Current projects include:


U.S. population data for 94 identity informative SNP loci

Kevin Kiesler, Lisa Borsuk, Becky Steffen, Peter Vallone, Katherine Gettings
The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology analyzed a set of 1036 samples representing four major U.S. population groups (African American, Asian

Patents (2018-Present)

Agile Nucleic Acid Sensor And Measuring A Biomarker

NIST Inventors
Kevin Kiesler , Alokik Kanwal , Anthony J. Kearsley , Erica Romsos , Dr. Peter M. Vallone , Jacob Majikes and Arvind Balijepalli
An agile nucleic acid sensor includes: a DNA switch; an analysis substrate in electrostatic communication with the DNA switch and that produces a biomarker electrical signal; a transduction member that receives the biomarker electrical signal and produces a transduction signal; a sensor counter
Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022