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Anzor I. Mikaia

Research Chemist

Research Experience:


Mass spectrometry:    


  • Structure determination of synthetic and industrial chemicals as well as natural products by mass spectrometry methods.
  • Development of reaction gas chromatography – mass spectrometry method designed for screening chemicals, for the study of fragmentation processes and structure determination.


Data management:


  • Data analysis, interpretation of mass spectra, examination of the consistency between a mass spectrum and compound identification information.
  • Development of quality control procedures for large collections of mass spectra, their implementation and application.
  • Database development, establishment of criteria for reference data and their implementation in database development Database development.



Natural product analysis:


Development of gas chromatography – mass spectrometry methods for qualitative and quantitative analysis of natural products: biological objects, products of petrochemistry and coal chemistry and other natural products.



Reaction gas chromatography – mass spectrometry:


  • Heterogeneous catalysis and mass spectrometry
  • Chemical derivatization and mass spectrometry


Created October 9, 2019