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Public Safety Innovation Accelerator Program 2022 (PSIAP-2022)

A banner of a firefighter shrouded in smoke. The banner promotes the Public Safety Innovation Accelerator Program 2022 (PSIAP0-2022)

Award Announcement

In spring 2022, the PSCR Program Office awarded nearly $7.2M for the Public Safety Innovation Accelerator Program 2022 (PSIAP-2022) funding opportunity. These awards aim to accelerate research, development, production, and testing of key public safety capabilities related to mission critical voice, location-based services, and user interface/user experience. The awards have a performance period of two to three years beginning in June 2022. 

The remainder of PSIAP-2022 awards are still being processed. The PSCR Program Office anticipates announcing final awards by late July or early August 2022.

Meet the Awardees

PSCR has awarded six recipients for the PSIAP-2022 funding opportunity! Soon, you will be able to click on the logo tiles below for more information about how these projects are advancing public safety communications research.

Nemergent Solutions Logo

BroadImPort Importing European BroadPort MCX concepts to US market needs


George Mason University Logo

5G-based Indoor Positioning System for Firefighters using UAVs (5G-IPS)

This is a logo of Texas A&M University

A Digital-Twin Enabled Testbed for Public Safety Communication Technologies

Need for Research

There’s an urgent need for first responders to have access to the same broadband communications and innovative technologies that consumers and commercial networks now expect. That's why this funding opportunity's technical goals span three different PSCR research portfolios to accelerate the development of critical voice capabilities, positioning systems, and advanced interfaces for public safety. 

The R&D produced from this award has the potential to develop technologies that offer holistic improvements for first responder operations, situational awareness, and overall public safety communications by helping define standards and develop open-source tools. 

PSCR created this funding opportunity to stimulate external R&D activities addressing critical technology gaps identified by stakeholders and to build a public safety-focused R&D ecosystem with long-lasting impact namely:

  • Promoting cross-cutting research to advance public safety communications technology
  • Transforming public safety operations
  • Addressing critical technology gaps

Additional Information

Please find additional resources about the PSIAP-2022 funding opportunity below:

Created September 13, 2021, Updated June 24, 2022