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PSCR Webinar Series

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To provide more frequent research updates to stakeholders, PSCR hosts a bi-monthly webinar series featuring topic deep dives on popular projects from our research portfolios. Webinars will be recorded, and participants join live will have the opportunity to Q&A with webinar speakers. Webinar recordings will be posted to the PSCR website and made available to the public in the days following the event.

Check this page regularly to view upcoming webinar dates, times, and topics.

Upcoming Webinars


Date/ Time Webinar Title

October 21, 2020

11 AM - 12 PM (MT)

5G For Public Safety

December 2020


Past Webinar Recordings

PSCR 101 to PSCR 2020: A Program History and Intro to the Digital Experience

Since 2010, PSCR has held an annual Stakeholder Meeting to receive direct input, guidance, and feedback from public safety stakeholders across sectors. This information exchange has been invaluable to the success of the PSCR program and advancement of public safety communications technologies. That's why in 2020, as part of our ongoing commitment to transparency, PSCR is developing a digital experience for sharing out yearly research updates. This new, virtual format will ensure stakeholders receive the cutting-edge updates they expect from PSCR. In this webinar, hear a detailed program history from PSCR's Division Chief, Dereck Orr and an introduction to the features of PSCR 2020: The Digital Experience from Brianna Vendetti, PSCR Program Support Specialist. 

3 Year Progress Report - Research and Programmatic Updates

PSCR's mission is to bring advanced capabilities to first responders and have a measurable impact on their ability to protect and save lives and property. In this webinar, PSCR's Division Chief, Dereck Orr and Prize Competition and Challenge Specialist, Jeremy Glenn summarize PSCR's most exciting research impacts over the last three years. 

Using Prize Challenges to Drive Innovation

 In this webinar, Open Innovation team lead, Ellen Ryan discusses what a government prize challenge entails and how the division uses this mechanism to drive innovation for public safety communications. Prize Challenge Manager, Sarah Hughes, gives an overview of recently launched prize challenges. 

Augmented Reality for Public Safety 

Augmented reality (AR) has been around for decades, but recent technological advances render it invaluable to improving public safety operations. In this webinar, PSCR's UI/UX lead, Scott Ledgerwood dives into AR's potential role in supporting first responders' operations. 

IoT Foundations for First Responders 

How can public safety best prepare for and leverage next-generation IoT sensor and data collection capabilities? In this webinar, PSCR's Alison Kahn covers IoT's ability to help public safety operations.

Enhanced Authentication for Public Safety

PSCR serves to develop and enhance security solutions to current and future public safety communications. Security, including cybersecurity, is an area which will affect every aspect of public safety communications. During this webinar, a panel of cybersecurity experts will cover: an overview of PSCR's security portfolio, single sign-on, PSCR's SIM Card Challenge, and possibilities in biometric authentication.

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Created September 16, 2019, Updated September 16, 2020