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Augmented Reality Testing of Equipment and Multiple Immersive Simulations (ARTEMIS)

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Georgia Tech Research Institute

Augmented Reality Testing of Equipment and Multiple Immersive Simulations (ARTEMIS) allows first responders to test the effectiveness of new equipment, technology, capabilities, and techniques in virtual and mixed reality. Researchers at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) are working closely with the Cobb County and Georgia Tech Police Departments to develop a traffic stop scenario (and eventually, other useful scenarios) in virtual reality and to understand how the experience could be enhanced through the use of near-future technology. - July 2019

PSCR2021_ARTEMIS Using VR and to Test AR_OnDemand
PSCR2021_ARTEMIS Using VR and to Test AR_OnDemand
This session will present the ARTEMIS (Augmented Reality Testing of Equipment in Multiple Immersive Simulations) system. ARTEMIS gives us a way to demonstrate and assess potential FirstNet enabled technologies for first responders, without needing to first make complex physical equipment. In our current work, police officers and first responders can test out virtual display elements for heads up displays. The ARTEMIS system lets us quickly discover pain points in implementing emerging technologies. Interventions displayed will include recognizing a drivers’ license and displaying additional information, or feeding heads-up-display data from a drone. We will also showcase our real-time scenario controls.

Project Overview

GTRI will create a testing platform to enable objective comparisons on the efficacy of new methods and devices in scenarios important to first responders. Designed from the ground up with a data-driven perspective, ARTEMIS will be a comprehensive system capable of creating, modifying, and testing new scenarios, technologies, and capabilities.


  • Task 1: Create a realistic Virtual Reality (VR) environment 
  • Task 2: Create the scenario management system 
  • Task 3: Select and model Technology Innovations 
  • Task 4: Select and integrate sensor systems 
  • Task 5: Custom Scenario creation 
  • Task 6: Determine summary output and visualizations 
  • Task 7: VR interactive after-action reporting tool

Other Information:


The final product will not be just another isolated technology, but an analysis suite capable of integrating with any tool or technology whose data output is correctly formatted.  NIST can expect a fully configurable user experience, capabilities for testing simulated or real tools in Virtual Reality, integration with low-tech test suites, and a framework for future expansion.


Credit: Georgia Tech Research Institute



Georgia Tech ARTEMIS User Experience
Credit: Georgia Tech Research Institute

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Created June 21, 2018, Updated July 12, 2022