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Current and Upcoming Prize Challenges

PSCR publicizes all upcoming prize challenges to its website. Official announcements for all open opportunities are made available on

“The most exciting part was actually meeting the frontline firefighters. It was the first time that we were able to show (our solution) to the User and see what they think of it.”

- PSCR Prize Challenge Participant (2018)

current prize challenges

Tech to Protect Challenge

Hosted in 10 cities across the U.S., the Tech to Protect Challenge is a national innovation contest that will bring together a diverse and talented community of collaborators to develop technology solutions to help first responders improve the safety of communities. Join fellow researchers, entrepreneurs, technologists, students, programmers, designers, and public safety experts to create solutions across critical technical areas of public safety communications. Design new applications and tools to support secure communications, location-based services, public safety data analytics, mission-critical voice, UI/UX and more. Winning solutions will receive cash prizes and national recognition. Learn more.

Listen to a recording of a Tech to Protect panel from the 2019 Stakeholder Meeting in Chicago: Tech to Protect: Designing Apps that Further the Mission of Emergency Responders. 

2020 CHARIoT Challenge: Advancing First Responder Communications

The CHARIoT Challenge, hosted by PSCR and its challenge partners, invites innovators to build augmented reality (AR) interfaces or Internet of Things (IoT) data emulators by participating in a multi-phase contest. The Challenge is running two multi-phase contests, simultaneously: Build Augmented Reality Interfaces for First Responder and Emulate Smart City Data for Disaster Scenarios. Learn more.

2020 First Responder UAS Endurance Challenge

This four-stage Challenge promotes unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) technology that may someday assist first responders in their search and rescue operations. Competitors will have an opportunity to demo their UAS prototype at a live culmination event in front of industry experts and public safety agencies in April 2021, and to compete for up to $552K in prizes. Learn more.

upcoming prize challenges

2020 Automated Streams Analysis for Public Safety (ASAPS) Prize Challenge 

The Automated Streams Analysis for Public Safety (ASAPS) Prize Challenge is an open innovation program focused on the development of algorithms to detect and analyze a variety of emergency events from unstructured public safety data served from a live streaming data processing framework. The framework will leverage an extensive and unique staged dataset designed to stimulate a day in the life of a busy city as viewed through the lens of many parallel, multimodal, unstructured data streams. Look for more information about this challenge in Spring 2020.


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Created March 6, 2020, Updated April 1, 2020