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Current and Upcoming Prize Challenges

A list of the upcoming and current Open Innovation prize challenges can be found below, along with links to individual prize challenge pages for more information. Official announcements for all open opportunities are also made available on

Upcoming prize challenges

2022 Incident Command Dashboard Challenge 

NIST PSCR is excited to soon present an incident command dashboard challenge, powered by and LMI. The Command Dashboard Integrating Next Gen Technology (or CommanDING Tech) Challenge aims to engage innovators and the businesses to develop or improve an incident command dashboard that advances public safety’s ability to respond to emergencies through better UI/UX and data connectivity. Participants will directly engage and learn from public safety experts as they integrate indoor localization, video analytics and emulated and real-time data sensors into their incident command dashboards - provide the necessary tools first responders need to save lives. CommanDING Tech contestants will be competing for their share of a $1 million prize pool. Subscribe to the PSCR newsletter to receive email updates when the challenge launches!

Current prize challenges

2022 First Responder UAS Indoor Challenge

The First Responder Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Indoor Challenge from NIST PSCR seeks innovative UAS solutions to support First Responders by scouting an indoor structure and providing information about its condition and situational awareness prior to entry. The goal of this challenge is for contestants to design, build, and fly a cost-effective UAS that is easy to control, highly durable, and provide first responders with a high-quality video signal needed to detect human life and assess hazards in the environment. Improvements to UAS usability and flyability, along with more advanced autonomous sensors that operate with no GPS signal, will prove to help UAS operators or pilots save the lives of first responders and the community. Learn more.

2021 First Responder UAS Triple Challenge

The First Responder Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Triple Challenge from NIST PSCR serves to help save lives faster and support advancing first responder search and rescue (SAR) operations. With a total of up to $720K in awards, this competition is comprised of three challenges with three different focus areas — all aimed at advancing UAS technology to support critical, lifesaving missions. PSCR invites any and all drone and security enthusiasts to join. Learn more.

2021 Mobile Fingerprint Capture for First Responders Challenge

NIST PSCR is exploring ways to utilize already-deployed mobile technologies to provide a portable, on-the-scene fingerprint capture solution that would save public safety personnel resources and potentially save lives. The path to capable mobile fingerprinting could be made more accessible by addressing gaps in technology that have hindered development. To accomplish this, PSCR launched the Mobile Fingerprint Capture for First Responders Challenge in 2021. Winning solutions will focus on innovations across a variety of mobile device operating systems that advance the state of fingerprint capture technologies. Learn more.

“The most exciting part was actually meeting the frontline firefighters. It was the first time that we were able to show (our solution) to the User and see what they think of it.”

- PSCR Prize Challenge Participant

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Created March 6, 2020, Updated May 2, 2022