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PSIAP 2017 - Public Safety Analytics

Over the next decade, as public safety’s use of mobile broadband technologies increases, first responders will gain unprecedented access to ‘big data’ and data analytics that can be both collected from, and delivered to, mobile devices and sensors. While there is no doubt analytics will play an increasingly important role in the future public safety communications ecosystem, solutions are needed to address the volume, variety, velocity, veracity, validity, and volatility of data. In order to further the creation and consumption of potentially transformational operational analytics capabilities for first responders, PSCR  partnered with external researchers on R&D projects that address data sets, analytics tools and frameworks, data analysis applications.

The awarded projects demonstrate forward-looking, innovative R&D focused on solving novel challenges posed by the criticality and complexity of the data relevant to the public safety operational environment. The projects include R&D that will leverage new capabilities in the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network to circulate a rich diversity of data created by a variety of sensors, devices, and communications, and will harness the enormous computing power of potentially millions of edge-enabled devices to optimize and transform the flow of real-time actionable information to first responders and incident commanders.



Carnegie Mellon University logo

Real-Time Video
Analytics for
Situation Awareness


New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness logo

Fiscal Year 2017
Public Safety Innovation
Acceleration Program


Prominent Edge logo

Real-time Open
Source Data Analytics &
Visualization Platform


Southern Methodist University logo

SAFE-NET: An Integrated
Connected Vehicle &
Computing Platform


University of Cincinnati logo

Video Communication for
Public Safety Networks


University of Houston logo

Multi-tiered Video
Analytics for Abnormality
Detection & Alerting


University of Michigan logo

Body-Worn Camera
Analytics in Public Safety


University of Virginia logo

Cognitive Assistant
Systems for
Emergency Response


Voxel51 logo

ETA: Extensible Tools
for Analytics in
Public Safety


Western Fire Chiefs Association logo

Unified Analysis
Framework & Data
Comparison Center





Created September 28, 2017, Updated January 26, 2020