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On a mission to influence and accelerate R&D

Part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), PSCR is the primary federal laboratory focused on conducting research, development, testing, and evaluation for public safety communications technologies. Our mission is to accelerate communications innovation in support of public safety communities and the citizens they serve. To do this, we actively pioneer R&D and partner with a diverse group of stakeholders, acting as a nexus for influencing the commercial development of the advanced communications first responders need. 

Helping first responders get the advanced communications capabilities they need 

By pioneering research into advanced communications technologies for public safety, PSCR creates new opportunities for the R&D community to innovate, invent, and commercialize. Watch the video below to learn about one of PSCR's research investments, haptic interfaces for public safety.

Firefighters Test Prototypes Which Could One Day Save Lives
Firefighters Test Prototypes Which Could One Day Save Lives
News coverage from the 2019 Haptic Interfaces for Public Safety Challenge.

PSCR's e-newsletter contains the latest news, R&D project successes, outcomes, funding opportunities, and events from PSCR and its partners. It is delivered every quarter to registered subscribers, with occasional updates to report on topical events. Sign up now!

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Created August 30, 2016, Updated June 16, 2023