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PSIAP i-Axis

In February 2019, PSCR awarded the Public Safety Innovation Accelerator Program i-Axis funding opportunity. The i-axis funding opportunity seeks to conduct interactive workshops, summits, exercises, and training to produce technical outputs including standard operating procedures, best practices guides, implementation templates, education and training materials, capability assessment tools, and qualifications and credentialing programs which will be made available to the entire public safety stakeholder community. 

need for research

PSCR’s strategic investments to this point have largely focused on R&D needed to bridge the technology gaps between indoor mapping and tracking of first responders. Simultaneously, industry advancements in creating an “internet of things” and enabling the operation of “smart homes” and “smart cities” will create an abundance of data that could be beneficial for public safety use. This data can be thought of as a fourth dimension, or an information axis (i-axis). The emerging question as these technologies advance is, how will public safety organizations utilize all of the new indoor technologies (mapping, localization, and navigation) and data sources to effectively improve operations?

Detailed standard operating procedures and extensive training are the foundation of public safety operations. As technology advances, the integration of these new advancements into standard operating procedures is typically not addressed until the technology emerges. PSIAP i-axis funds support a multi-year outreach effort to work with public safety officials to answer how to best utilize and accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies related to indoor mapping, tracking, navigation, and data generated by smart buildings and homes. 

To view a PDF of the full Notice of Funding Opportunity, click here.
For any questions, contact pscr [at] (subject: PSIAP%20MCV%20QoE) (PSCR[at]nist[dot]gov) with the subject line "i-Axis."

PSCR has awarded one recipient for the i-Axis funding opportunity. Congratulations to the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS Foundation!


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Accelerating Adoption and Use of Emerging LBS by Public Safety

Created February 14, 2019, Updated July 12, 2022