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Research Portfolios

Key technology areas

PSCR has a comprehensive technical research program to facilitate communications interoperability, broadband capabilities, and information sharing between wireless and IT systems and the public safety community. 

By working in coordination with public safety, industry, academia, and local, State, tribal, and Federal practitioners, PSCR has identified critical communications technology gaps that public safety faces every day. As a result of this coordination, PSCR prioritized the following key technology areas to drive its R&D program.

PSCR User Interface User Experience Icon

The User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) portfolio strives for first responders to have tools designed around their specific context, tasks, and requirements, based on user-centered design and feedback.

PSCR Mission Critical Voice Research Portfolio icon

The Mission Critical Voice (MCV) portfolio concentrates on four areas of communications for first responders: direct mode, mission critical push to talk, LMR to LTE, and public safety user quality of experience.

PSCR LBS Research Portfolio icon

The Location-Based Services (LBS) portfolio focuses on the fields of indoor mapping, tracking, and navigation for the public safety community.

PSCR Analytics Research Portfolio icon

The Analytics portfolio supports research around algorithms, datasets, and open-source tools that can be leveraged by public safety organizations to analyze emergency events.

Cross-cutting initiatives

In addition to PSCR’s primary research portfolios, the following initiatives cut across multiple technology areas and pose unique opportunities and challenges for the public safety community.

PSCR Security Research Portfolio Icon

Security, including cybersecurity, is an area which will affect every aspect of public safety communications. PSCR aims to develop and enhance security solutions to current and future public safety communications.

PSCR Resilient Systems Research Portfolio Icon

First responders often operate under dangerous and life-threatening circumstances. The Resilient Systems portfolio ensures their technology works when they need it most.

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Created July 12, 2016, Updated July 5, 2022