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Resilient Systems Projects

Resilient Systems is a cross-cutting research area at PSCR

Emergency Services need not be forced to choose between the reliability of their existing LMR systems and the new capabilities of mobile broadband data systems.

Internal Research Projects

  • Highly Mobile Deployed Networks

Resilient Systems for First Responders

Public safety communication systems must continue to work -  and are even more necessary - under circumstances in which other networks fail. Whether operating in an area without cellular network coverage, overcoming limited or non-existent backhaul connections, or needing to overcome frequency impairment due to disaster or jamming, first responders require uninterrupted service in a variety of scenarios. 



Resilient Systems Research Portfolio Logo in B&W

Resilient Systems Portfolio Mission: To develop, evaluate, and evangelize tools and techniques for architecting efficient, resilient networks and applications for public safety


Resilient Systems Portfolio Vision: For public safety personnel networks and applications to continue to function in in disasters or other adverse circumstances where communication infrastructure is degraded or destroyed.

Created September 20, 2017, Updated November 2, 2020