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PSIAP User Interface

The NIST Public Safety Innovation Accelerator Program – User Interface (PSIAP-UI FY18) NOFO awardees will accelerate research, development, production, and testing of user interface technologies and capabilities through the use of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). The purpose of this NOFO is to develop technology that will enable researchers to better assess public safety user interfaces using VR and AR. Award recipients will achieve this by creating new technology or applying current technology to the specific public-safety use cases. Award recipients will also conduct research to support testing user interfaces within an AR/VR environment and ensure results are transferable to real-world implementations. PSCR funded $6.4M in new awards for this research and development. 

To view a PDF of the full Notice of Funding Opportunity, click here.
The PSIAP-UI FAQs can be accessed here.
For any questions, contact pscr [at] (subject: PSIAP%20User%20Interface%20FY2018) (PSCR[at]nist[dot]gov).

Award Recipients

UNC Greensboro Logo with a dark blue bar that reads UNC GREENSBORO
Design, Prototyping and Evaluation of Next Generation Public Safety User Interfaces
North Carolina State University Logo

Investigating Emergency Response Performance with VR-Based Intelligent User Interfaces

FirstSimVR: Evaluating Future Tools Using Today's VR


Tile with University of Florida Logo
Cognition-driven Display for Navigation Activities (Cog-DNA): Personalized Spatial Information System Based on Information Personality of Firefighters

Augmented Reality Testing of Equipment and Multiple Immersive Simulations (ARTEMIS)
Health Scholars, Inc. Logo
Glove Based Home to Ambulance Simulation Environment

A Mixed Reality Training and Testing Facility for First Responders


Created September 26, 2017, Updated May 3, 2023