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Security Cross-Cutting Research Portfolio logo

Security, including cybersecurity, is an area which will affect every aspect of public safety communications. PSCR serves to develop and enhance security solutions to current and future public safety communications.

Internal Research Projects

  • Federated ICAM and Enhanced Authentication

    • Federated Identities

    • Biometric Authentication

    • Continuous Multifactor Authentication

    • Identity as a Service (IdaaS) for Public Safety

    • Cloud Security

  • 3GPP Security Standards Representation for Public Safety

  • Expanding the SIM Card for Public Safety

  • IoT Device Configurations

Featured Research Project:
Federated ICAM & Enhanced Authentication

The creation of a public safety-specific Federated Identity Credential and Access Management (ICAM) is a solution which addresses the unique requirements of First Responders. Benefits include: accelerating the incorporation of proper security for other tech that is being developed and implemented; providing a secure foundation for interoperability; and allowing agencies to keep their current IdP while still realizing the benefits of federation.

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Extramural Research


Logo for the security research portfolio, which includes the name and a picture of a lock

Security Portfolio Mission: To enable the Public Safety Community to securely and effectively conduct their operations and accomplish their mission by leveraging superior technology and standards for all aspects of communications including network, devices, peripherals, applications, and user interface. 


Security Portfolio Vision: To serve as a leading communications research lab enhancing Public Safety’s cybersecurity and success through innovation and collaboration.

Created September 20, 2017, Updated December 17, 2020