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Security, including cybersecurity, is an area which will affect every aspect of public safety communications. PSCR serves to develop and enhance security solutions to current and future public safety communications.

Winners Announced!

Congratulations to team SoloKeys for placing first in the Expanding the SIM Card Use Challenge! View a video of their winning solution, SoloSIM, on the right.

Learn about all the winners on the Expanding the SIM Card Use for Public Safety Challenge page. You may also read a Challenge Q&A with Security team lead John Beltz.

SoloSIM is a strong authentication solution based on the SIM card. A SIM must be programmed with the SoloSIM JavaCard applet, or provisioned with a SIM overlay, and then a smartphone can use it as a FIDO2 authenticator in addition to gaining mobile network access. FIDO2 authentication can be used in place of passwords to log in online. The SIM can hold many FIDO2 credentials at a time, and each one can have a separate PIN. This allows the SIM to be shared amongst users. The PIN can be stored in the smartphone keychain, which allows authentication to proceed using just a biometric (fingerprint). Provisioning of new credentials can also be done with the mobile app.



Featured Research Project in 2019: Federated ICAM & Enhanced Authentication

The creation of a public safety-specific Federated Identity Credential and Access Management (ICAM) is a solution which addresses the unique requirements of First Responders. Benefits include: accelerating the incorporation of proper security for other tech that is being developed and implemented; providing a secure foundation for interoperability; and allowing agencies to keep their current IdP while still realizing the benefits of federation.

Other Research Projects in 2019 Include:

Mobile Application Security Vetting | Public Safety Data Dictionary | Standards SA3 Representation 
Public Safety Handset and Wearable Security  | Securely Updating the UICC Over the Air


mannequin in a case wearing a firefighter jacket and wearable device on its wrist
Photo of a mannequin wearing a yellow jacket and wearable technology
Mannequin in a case wearing a yellow jacket and wearable technology on their chest pocket



Logo for the security research portfolio, which includes the name and a picture of a lock

Security Portfolio Mission: To enable the Public Safety Community to securely and effectively conduct their operations and accomplish their mission by leveraging superior technology and standards for all aspects of communications including network, devices, peripherals, applications, and user interface. 


Security Portfolio Vision: To serve as a leading communications research lab enhancing Public Safety’s cybersecurity and success through innovation and collaboration.

Created September 20, 2017, Updated January 6, 2020