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Public Safety Mission Critical Voice

PSCR Mission Critical Voice Research Area Logo

Research Projects Include:

Device to Device Modeling Project |  MC/MCPTT Modeling Project | QPP Modeling Project | MCPTT End-to-End Prototype | Key Performance Indicator Development | LTE Adjacent Carrier Impact on Public Safety LMR | NIST List of Certfied Devices and 3GPP RAN5 | Geolocation System Implementation


MCV Mouth-to-Ear Latency Measurement Method | End-to-End Access Time

PSIAP Award Recipients - MCV


Mission Critical Voice Portfolio logo in black and white

Mission Critical Voice Portfolio Mission: To advance the availability and performance of mission critical voice, forge partnerships to expand their sphere of research with well-qualified universities and agencies, and be influential in the standards community by participating in regular 3GPP events.  


Mission Critical Voice Portfolio Vision: PSCR, through its research and encouragement of exploration in the area of Mission Critical Voice, will be seen as a trustworthy leader by the public safety community in regards to their voice communication needs as LTE technology becomes ubiquitous for public safety use and beyond. 

Created September 20, 2017, Updated November 15, 2019