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Public Safety Mission Critical Voice Publications

Mission Critical Voice Quality of Experience Probability of Successful Delivery Measurement Methods

August 2023
Authors: Jaden Pieper, Jesse Frey, Gary Howarth
NIST Technical Note 2259

5G New Radio Sidelink Link-Level Simulator and Performance Analysis

October 2022
Authors: Peng Liu, Chen Shen, Chunmei Liu, Fernando Cintron, Lyutianyang Zhang, Liu Cao, Richard A. Rouil, Sumit Roy
DOI: 10.1145/3551659.3559049

Modeling Public Safety Communication Scenarios: School Shooting Incident

October 2021
Authors: Richard A. Rouil, Antonio Izquierdo Manzanares, Chunmei Liu, Wesley Garey
NIST Technical Note 2186

Optimal Transmit Volume Conditions for Mission Critical Voice Quality of Experience Measurement Systems

September 2021
Authors: Chelsea Greene, Jesse Frey, William Magrogan, Cara O’Malley, Jaden Pieper
NIST Technical Note 2171
Data associated with this publication can be found here:
Open source code associated with this publication can be found here:

Modeling MCPTT and User Behavior in ns-3

September 2021
Authors: Wesley Garey, Thomas Henderson, Yishen Sun, Richard A. Rouil, Samantha Gamboa Quintiliani
DOI: 10.5220/0010513200300041

Mission Critical Voice Start-of-Word Correction for Access Delay Measurement System

June 2021
Authors: William Magrogan, Jaden Pieper, Zainab Soetan
NIST Technical Note 2166

3GPP NR V2X Mode 2: Overview, Models and System-level Evaluation

June 2021
Authors: Zoraze Ali, Sandra Lagen, Lorenza Giupponi, Richard A. Rouil
DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2021.3090855

Study of 5G New Radio (NR) Support for Direct Mode Communications

May 2021
Authors: Fernando Cintron, David Griffith, Chunmei Liu, Richard A. Rouil, Yishen Sun, Jian Wang, Peng Liu, Chen Shen, Aziza Ben Mosbah, Samantha Gamboa Quintiliani
NIST Interagency/Internal Report 8372

UE-to-Network Relay Model B Discovery in ProSe-Enabled LTE Networks

April 2021
Authors: Alexandre C. Moreaux, Samantha Gamboa Quintiliani, David W. Griffith, Richard A. Rouil
NIST Technical Note 2149

Evaluation of Timers Related to ProSe-based UE-to-Network Relays

March 2021
Authors: Aziza Ben Mosbah, Samantha Gamboa Quintiliani, Richard A. Rouil 
NIST Technical Note 2144

Study of Multicast Broadcast Single Frequency Network Area in Multicast Communications

December 2020
Authors: Chen Shen, Chunmei Liu, Richard A. Rouil, Hyeong-Ah Choi
DOI: 10.1109/ICSPCS50536.2020.9310041

Bridging Analog Land Mobile Radio to LTE Mission Critical Push-to-Talk Communications

December 2020
Authors: Christopher Walton, Chic O'Dell

UE-to-Network Relay Discovery in ProSe-enabled LTE Networks

February 2020
Authors: Samantha M. Gamboa Quintiliani, Alexandre C. Moreaux, David W. Griffith, Richard A. Rouil

On Selecting Channel Parameters for Public Safety Network Applications in LTE Direct

January 2020
Authors: Siyuan Feng, Hyong-Ah Choi, David W. Griffith, Richard A. Rouil
DOI: 10.1109/CCNC46108.2020.9045215

Distributed Resource Allocation Schemes for Out-of-Coverage D2D Communications

December 2019
Authors: Jian Wang, Richard A. Rouil, Fernando J. Cintron

Mission Critical Voice QoE Access Time Measurement Methods

Addendum - December 2020

October 2019
Authors: Jaden Pieper, Jesse Frey, Chelsea Greene, Zainab Soetan, Tim Thompson, Stephen Voran, Donald Bradshaw
DOI: 10.6028/NIST.IR.8275 

Throughput Analysis between Unicast and MBSFN from Link Level to System Level

September 2019
Authors: Chunmei Liu, Chen Shen, Jack Chuang, Richard A. Rouil, Hyeong-Ah Choi

System Level Evaluation of UE-to-Network Relays in D2D-enabled LTE Networks

September 2019
Authors: Samantha M. Gamboa Quintiliani, Raghav Thanigaivel, Richard A. Rouil

Guidelines for Generating Public Safety Benchmark Scenario Set

May 2019
Authors: Richard A. Rouil, Chunmei Liu, Antonio Izquierdo Manzanares
DOI: 10.6028/NIST.IR.8247

Access Time Analysis of MCPTT Off-Network Mode over LTE

April 2019
Authors: Yishen Sun, Wesley D. Garey, Richard A. Rouil, Priam C. Varin

Test Scenarios for Mission Critical Push-To-Talk (MCPTT) Off-Network Mode Protocols Implementation

October 2018
Authors: Priam Varin, Yishen Sun, Wesley Garey

Performance Evaluation of LTE Device-to-Device Out-of-Coverage Communications with Frequency Hopping Resource Scheduling

July 2018
Fernando J. Cintron
Citation: NISTIR 8220

Mission Critical Voice QoE Mouth-to-Ear Latency Measurement Methods

March 1, 2018
Jesse M. Frey, Jaden K. Pieper, Silas T. Thompson
Citation: NISTIR 8206

Increasing Public Safety Broadband Network Resiliency through Traffic Control (Elsevier Special Issue on “Resilient Networks : Modeling, Design, and Applications”)

February 01, 2018
Richard A. Rouil, Wesley D. Garey, Camillo A. Gentile, Nada T. Golmie

Enhanced Transmission Algorithm for Dynamic Device-to-Device Direct Discovery (CCNC 2018)

January 12, 2018
Aziza Ben Mosbah, David W. Griffith, Richard A. Rouil

Process Document for the NIST List of Certified Devices

October 11, 2017
Citation: NIST 92445
The Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 (Act) defined responsibilities for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in regards to the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN) and the First Responder Nextwork Authority (FN). AT&T was awarded the contract by FN to partner with FN and to build the NPSBN. One requirement of the Act is that the Director of NIST shall ensure the development of a list of certified devices that meet appropriate protocols and standards for access to, use of, or compatibility with the NPSBN that FN and AT&T build and maintain. This requirement is carried out by the Public Safety Communications Research Division (PSCR) of the NIST Communications Technology Laboratory. This document describes the process for creating and maintaining the list.

Adaptive Synchronization Reference Selection for Out-Of-Coverage Proximity Services (PIMRC 2017)

October 08, 2017
Samantha M. Gamboa Quintiliani, Fernando J. Cintron, David W. Griffith, Richard A. Rouil

A Novel Adaptive Transmission Algorithm for Device-to-Device Direct Discovery (IWCMC 2017)

June 27, 2017
Aziza Ben Mosbah, David W. Griffith, Richard A. Rouil

Implementation and Validation of an LTE D2D Model for ns-3 (WNS3 2017)

June 13, 2017
Richard A. Rouil, Fernando J. Cintron, Aziza Ben Mosbah, Samantha M. Gamboa Quintiliani

Physical Sidelink Control Channel (PSCCH) in Mode 2: Performance Analysis (ICC 2017)

May 25, 2017
David W. Griffith, Fernando J. Cintron, Richard A. Rouil

Group Discovery Time in D2D ProSe Networks (INFOCOM 2017) 

May 04, 2017
David W. Griffith, Aziza Ben Mosbah, Richard A. Rouil

Impact of timing on the ProSe synchronization function (CCNC 2017) 

January 09, 2017
Samantha M. Gamboa Quintiliani, Fernando J. Cintron, David W. Griffith, Richard A. Rouil

Optimizing the UE Transmission Probability for D2D Direct Discovery (GLOBECOM 2016) 

December 05, 2016
David W. Griffith, Fiona Z. Lyons

BLER Performance Evaluation of LTE Device-to-Device Communications (NISTIR 8157)

November 2016 
Jian Wang, Richard Rouil 

A Clustering-Based Device-to-Device Communication to Support Diverse Applications (RACS 2016)

October 14, 2016
Amirshahram Hematian, Wei Yu, Chao Lu, David W. Griffith, Nada T. Golmie

An LTE Device-to-Device module for ns-3 (WNS3 2016)

June 15, 2016
Richard A. Rouil, Fernando J. Cintron, Aziza Ben Mosbah, Samantha M. Gamboa Quintiliani

Audio Quality Publications

Outdoor-to-Indoor Channel Dispersion and Power-Delay Profile Models for the 700 MHz and 4.9 GHz Bands

July 22, 2015
Sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Office of Interoperability and Compatibility (OIC)
Catherine A. Remley, David W. Matolak, Christopher L. Holloway, Camillo A. Gentile
IEEE Antennas and Propagation Letters, no. 99, pp. 1-4

Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network Deployment: Network Parameter Sensitivity Analysis

March 15, 2015
Sponsored by DHS OIC
Richard A. Rouil, Antonio Izquierdo Manzanares, Camillo A. Gentile, David W. Griffith Jr., Nada T. Golmie
Citation: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR) 8039. (ID#917508)

Measuring the Resiliency of Cellular Base Station Deployments

March 11, 2015
Sponsored by DHS OIC
David W. Griffith, Richard A. Rouil, Antonio Izquierdo Manzanares, Nada T. Golmie
Proceedings of: IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference 2015, New Orleans, LA, 3/9-3/12/2015. (ID#917051)

LTE Uplink Performance with Interference from In-Band Device-to-Device (D2D) Communications

March 09, 2015
Sponsored by DHS OIC
Wen-Bin Yang, Michael R. Souryal, David W. Griffith
Proceedings of: IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC), New Orleans, La, 3/9-3/12/2015. (ID#916286)

Peer-to-Peer Urban Channel Characteristics for Two Public-Safety Frequency Bands

December 13, 2014
Sponsored by DHS OIC
David W. Matolak, Kate A. Remley, Camillo Gentile, Christopher L. Holloway, Qiong Wu, Qian Zhang
Published in IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine, vol. 56, no. 5, pp. 101-115, Oct. 2014.

Optimizing the Location Deployment of Dynamic Mobile Base Stations

October 2014
Sponsored by DHS OIC
Sulabh Bhattarai, Sixiao Wei, Stephen Rook, Wei Yu, David W. Griffith Jr., Nada T. Golmie
Proceedings of: IEEE International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications, Anaheim, CA, 2/16-2/19/2015. (ID#916270)

LTE Physical Layer Performance Analysis

May 15, 2014
Sponsored by DHS OIC
WWen-Bin Yang, Michael R. Souryal
Citation: NIST Interagency Report: NISTIR 7986

Public Safety Broadband Push-to-Talk over Long Term Evolution Requirements

July 18, 2013
Sponsored by FirstNet
D. Cypher
National Public Safety Telecommunications Council (NPSTC)

Nationwide Safety: Modeling a Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network

June 01, 2013
Sponsored by DHS OIC
Richard A. Rouil, Antonio Izquierdo Manzanares, Michael R. Souryal,Camillo A. Gentile, David W. Griffith, Nada T. Golmie
IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 83-91

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