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User Interface/User Experience

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The User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) portfolio strives for first responders to have tools designed around their specific context, tasks, and requirements, based on user-centered design and feedback. From augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to heads up displays (HUDs), haptics, and audio cues, this portfolio focuses on training and testing of smart systems to further develop first responder-machine interactions.

UI/UX Portfolio
UI/UX Portfolio
This is a video recording of the UIUX 2022 Pecha Kucha webinar. 

User Interface User Experience Portfolio Mission:

Work with public safety community, stakeholders, and vendors to create an environment that encourages industry to develop reliable, intuitive, and mission-focused technology for the public safety community.

User Interface User Experience Portfolio Vision:

Enhance the ability of the public safety user to effectively interact with and obtain information from the system. Ensure public safety devices are designed around operational needs through innovation and collaboration with industry and the public safety community.

Featured Project

The subject of PSCR award recipient Health Scholars' project is to bring similar voice-directed user interfaces to Public Safety to increase training efficacy. For public safety departments, training exercises can be time-consuming, costly, and labor-intensive. The Health Scholars project is intended to bring experience-based training to first responders in a scalable, accessible, and affordable way with innovative technologies. Their project is designed to investigate the use of virtual reality (VR) training for Public Safety by focusing on one of the most natural things first responders do: talk.

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Internal Research

  • User Experience Research and Testing Methodologies for New PSCR Technologies (Usability Testing)

  • Video and Image Quality

  • AR/VR Environment for Improved UI

  • Augmented Reality Tracking Visualization
  • XR for Public Safety
  • Public Safety Immersive Test Center

Extramural Research

Quick Resources

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Created September 18, 2017, Updated March 2, 2023