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Indoor Mapping and Navigation Pilot

The goal of the Indoor Mapping and Navigation Pilot sponsored by PSCR was to create a prototype capability leveraging standardized, open GIS frameworks, data models, and data exchange formats to convert 3D point clouds to turn-by-turn navigation. In the future, PSCR envisions public safety will use mobile mapping systems (as described in the Future of Pre-incident Planning concept) to survey building interiors to create point clouds, floor plans, and many other useful outputs – including turn-by-turn navigation. OGC pilots provide a unique platform for this experimental activity by tapping in to an extensive network of geospatial expertise to create not only prototypes, but also to feed the lessons learned directly in to the relevant standards used by the community.  

Learn more about the pilot. Visit the Open Geospatial Consortium website. 


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Created October 23, 2019